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Oh you shouldn't have. No here you deserve it I hope you like this edible underwear from Victoria's Secret it. WTF is with these stalkers in this TN? Eladio certainly bested Arturo last night. Engaging Dani obviously not sophisticated or knowledgeable enough into signing a likely iron clad contract was inspired. Millions of pesos? I suspect this will not turn out well. And as Julia is doing everything to make the marriage work, he rightfully believes she is impervious to Arturo's charms at least for now, so he can taunt Arturo thusly.

He's pretending to accept David and Regina just to stick the knife into Eladio's back just a bit deeper. I was thrilled that Gaby actually broke up with Franco! Can we dare hope it lasts?? While I wish Auggie hadn't chomped at the bit actually, he did kneel down in front of her Sandy - you were totally right , I admit I was curious to see what was in that little red bag.

I also had hoped Caridad would be a positive catalyst for change for Franco. I was sorry to see she is defending him when he is wrong. That is not the support he needs. She is giving him kindness and love but encouraging his wayward path in recklessness. Art is married to Nina. Art loves Julia. Nina loves money. Eladio is married to Julia. Julia wants to love Eladio. Gaby and Franco were engaged. Gaby loves Franco. Franco loves no one. David and Regina are in love.

Dani loves David. Consuelo and Erick are married. Consuelo loves Miguel. Erick is nuts. Thanks AutyAnn! I wondered about that in an above post. Your theory sure makes sense, but they were not very clear about it. If that is the case, disregard my above rant.

There seems to he more Passion than power in this soap. And they are passionate About using their so called power for what Ever reason. Artty brought this mess on himself. If he had Kept it zipped he might would still have juls. But nooooo, he had to spread the seed. And Miguel seems to be a sweet young man.

I Wish he'd met connie first, cause now its a Messed up mess. Just like dear ol dad. Eladio seems to be riding high but he should Watch out his anvils are numbered. Dani is going to cause a tsunami in this tale of power and misplaced passion. I know carra is tryin to help her baby boy, lyin only comes back to bite in the but, and cause All kinds of unwanted stress.

But this show is one big bowl of stress. Thank God for good Happy Endings. I don't get cc's on the internet and it's just as well. The TV that died on me two years ago was just old enough not to get them and that was also OK. If I was watching with cc's I'd not have learned as much as I have.

I'm almost at the point of turning off subtitles for Italian opera when I'm in the Met but sometimes the soprano notes make it impossible to decipher what's being sung so I have kept using them. Diana, I'd make one change to your list: David and Regina are in love. Dani loves torturing Regina about David. Daniela loves no one. She is young enough so that she could still learn but she doesn't seem to want to.

Eladio is going to crack the whip over her to whatever degree he can and enjoy it, but the millions of pesos I don't recall hearing how many will come back to bite her on the tush. It will wreck any chance she has for a career and it could cost Arturo more than he can pay out without selling the mansion. Daniela has very creepy eyes. Fabulous work! So the prenup was actually a postnup, huh?

And after a nup, you're pretty much left to face the music, aren't you? I had a brief fantasy of Humberto's wheel catching at the top of the stairs. We see the old man tumbling in the air. The next scene shows a jumble of animal print fabric, devil horns, tails, teeth. The air is filled with acrid smoke. Hey, stranger things have happened in this time slot And is so good at it, it's a shame it's not a career option for her!

Carlos, poor, poor Nina indeed! She can definitely outfox him - I think it would be more of a contest between Nina and Eladio. Now he's with encouragement from his creepy son thinking that she planned all this 25 years ago by wanting to get married in NY? Really Patio Peeps? Does this heinous charge qualify for divorce proceedings? Cartier has red boxes and bags I have not commented because I barely finish reading the comments until the next day.

However, I want to just give a shout out big fat thank you to the recappers and those who share their points of views. I love your storytelling so much, I even reread them. I felt guilty getting so much pleasure without giving proper thanks. Urban A, Cynderella, AuntyA and all the others, I dont know what you guys do for a living but I am also certain you are writers, teachers, or just simply special. I am certain there are many others who are silent big fans like me. All I can add is Art is spiralling and seems like everything is going wrong for him. The worst part are his children dani, Eric and wife are big backstabbers.

Though he us doing jerky things , I feel for him. Nina is not educated but is very "larga". I am certain she told Art it was so romantic to marry in NY, but it was slick and calculating on her part. She is such a tonta, but not so in that respect. Art underestimated her for sure. I wouldnt doubt she killed rat because at that time Art was blaming her for spoiling Eric and using as one of his divorce reasons. She couldnt get sense into Eric and when she popped into Eric's hotel room with Rat she did not hold back in front of rat.

So she exterminated the problem to get Art off her back. So the reason Rat was going "you?? No, no, no" is because I bet Nina looked like cold stone killer walking straight at her. That was horrible night for Montse. I thought it was unrealistic that Eladio didnt bat an eye when part of company stock was sold by Franco. No, no, no" is because It for sure was not a stranger, and that makes us believe it was certainly a surprise to the roedorita too.

Will we ever find out who earned the extermination fee? And that is unfair of him. Cause this woman put up with him for 25 years. And now hes discovered That what he threw away over 25 years ago For nookie on the spot might be available again not. He wants out of his marriege of Convenience, he needed a moma for mig hes Gonna pull all kinds of stupid stuff to get out Of the 25 year trap he fell into. She kept it Intetesting, I hear she knows all kinds of sex Capades. That can go just so far. Now shes not that innocent either she's been teaching her little girl dani nasty little tricks.

Its wattime. I was able to follow all the action again in my head and enjoy it even more the second time around. I haven't read the comments yet, so it might have been mentioned already. Still it was a bad move. He should have offered it to Gaby first. She probably would have told him she didn't need it and then he could have openly made a "deal" with Mari.

Given that, we wouldn't have had the break-up. I wonder why he did it. Gaby would certainly be a more financially secure bank and knowing son like father, he could have gone out and found some party-gals to entertain him after marrying Gaby. Marintia is a nobody, depending on check-to-check. He's an idiot.

Please explain. I don't remember hearing that. Did I miss a scene? Do you suppose that she tried to teach Regina those nasty little tricks? Obviously the writers aren't getting the research necessary to get it straight. I'm sure U. So a Mexican divorce would be recognized in the U. We've had many couples in other telenovelas run off to Las Vegas to get married in Quiero Amarte most recently for me. I'm sure they would not have to go back to Las Vegas to get a divorce. Sensational recap. All the comments are making me laugh. This episode brought out everybody's funnybone.

So sorry to see Caridad enabling Franco. I didn't realize Augie kneeled down. I was too busy admiring how that light-blue blazer set of his eyes and hair and wondering what was in the little bag a jewelry box? Gaby showed much self-control not to accept the gift. I'm so use to longtime spouses getting 50 percent in the U.

But, Nina, where is the love for Art? After 25 years, aren't you shattered that he doesn't love you? Would you have stuck it out with him if he'd gone bankrupt?

Ahmed Chawki ft. Sophia Del Carmen & Pitbull - Habibi I love you (spanish version) в DANCE【ツ】

I don't blame Art for almost smacking Dani. That was a low blow in the ad identifying herself as a Montenegro that prefers GLA. Kinda of like Paris Hilton advertising that she always stays at the Ritz-Carlton. Dani does this betrayal, yet she's still living free in Art's house and eating his food. My biggest problem with Connie and Miguel is it seems so predictable. Lots of fist fights with Erick coming I guess.

He owes her a lot, and an old car is a small price. Of course she probably wants the car because it smells like Franco, or they made memories in it. It seems like Univision does pretty much of the time when we start to get close to the end. Arturo is going to learn the meaning of the term "to be taken to the cleaners. And wouldn't it be something if it was all for not? I mean that Julia stays with Eladio? I don't think that will happen but it sure would be a twist in the story if it turned out that way. Why does Consuelo have to wait for a divorce?

I must have missed that somewhere. Will Eladio succeed with Daniela where Arturo failed? Maybe but actually I think that Dani will have a tragic ending. I just can't see her settling down. She has too much hate and resentment inside of her and that can't bode well for her. If Daniela violates her contract, who pays? Will Arturo be stuck with the bill?

Arturo is starting to spiral out of control. When it rains it pours and he's starting to get drenched. Gaby didn't seem to me to be the brightest light bulb but she finally is catching on Glad that she gave Franco the ring back even Caridad lied for him. Slowly Gaby is seeing the real Franco. An Eladio shaped clone. We finally realized that it's because both actors look so good in suits. Since Nina was hell-bent on marrying a big bank account I can completely believe she would think it to her advantage to do so in the US. The laws in Mexico might have been too biased in favor of husbands in Not sure how much this has changed since then.

However, since she is going to represent herself as having run the household she would take the blame for nannies, if that were something to hold against anyone. Certainly not in NYC where most divorce attorneys would know that anyone who could afford a nanny would have one if only for the status. Nina is all about status.

Niecie's question is the most relevant one here: "Would you have stuck it out if he'd gone bankrupt? She was determined never to be poor again. She loves Arturo's money. She may say she loves him, but I'm not buying it. She's saying this to bias her children in her favor and anyone else is just icing on the cake. Leticia, thanks for your encouraging words and I like your theory about Nina's motive for being the Orkin employee. She wouldn't give a flying damn if Erick cheated on Consuelo because she hates her, but I'm sure she didn't like hearing about this.

However, she doesn't think ahead all that well because then she would have realized that sooner or later Erick would just find another slut unless she doesn't know about his visits to strip joints. Well, NIni has awakened to the bitter truth , and that girl is not playing Things just got real!

Art was not cou ting on this new Niniwarrior. Yikes Hell hsth no fury like avtrophy wife scorned. Art , you are in for it. Ask the Mexican government why that is. She also didn't think of the obvious blow-back that Erick would be among the first to be suspected. That may be why she was defending him so strongly and was so upset that he fled rather than having having to go back to jail hanging over his head like an anvil. But this could also be true of any mother for her first-born son and heir. But I like theory. I wonder if she knew that MontseRatt was also Master Cat's plaything?

If she did, she was playing with fire. Eladio would love nothing better than have Erick fingered for the murder, even if he didn't care a whit about MontseRatt. It doesn't really answer the question, though, other than when the child is born it's automatically registered to the legitimate partner.

That doesn't prevent either the putative father and non-putative father to fly the coop rather than be saddled with child care to the age of In Connie and Erick's case there is big money involved. Erick may not want that child, but Nina does. So that puts him in the number one position to declare legitimate fatherhood. She was counting on an uncontested Divorce Express that is available in Mexico City. When Erick said he wasn't going to "give" her a divorce i.

Erick wins on both counts. My guess is that this was much more important in pre-DNA days, no? That's hilarious. Also, I doubt Nina knows anything about investment or she would have found ways to squirrel away some dinero for investment for her own future. She also should have gone ballistic at Erick for selling information to the enemy. When he ran from the police after the Rat died she helped him run rather than make him face the music.

They Wouldn't Let Us In!

Arturo had to do that because Erick's flight was almost an admission of guilt. I've had cast off girlfriends sleep with one of my shirts for weeks. She is bright, and beautiful, and knows all about being pretty and sexy. Remember what she did for Petra the housekeeper? If someone can show her the rewards of self discipline, integrity, truthfullness, and responsibility, she could have a chance to N O T be another Monster Ratt.

Or maybe rather than show, force her to be I wonder what Frank smells like I like Eladio as the bad guy. Maybe this is temporary. I still don't like Art or Julia, but I like Eladio as the villain. Neither husband has accused either women of destructive spending. When Nina found out that the gift car didn't mean a reconciliation, she, with an ugly turn of the knife, decided to donate the car to Julia's foundation. A truly materialistic woman would have kept the car, regardless.

Now I must confess that her showboat Cam Newton style drive around the neighborhood was disappointing, but I don't thing that money is what truly motivates her. In most divorces the splitting of the assets is contentious and it will be this time. And by the way, love your Recapper Photo As I've said multiple times, I don't like Nina BUT I felt a lot of sympathy for her last night after that harsh blowup between her and Arturo at the house.

After he stormed out, there was a moment when the camera focused on her face, and she just looked very sad. Skank or no, narcissist or no, even skanks have feelings and it hurts to be cast aside and no longer loved, when you have been or have seemed to been for a good 25 years. Very few women want to see their families broken up and their marriages end.

And getting half the money doesn't compensate for an empty heart. I have never known anyone happy after a divorce, regardless of financial compensation. And surely will! Poor Gaby Sure hope the actress doesn't read any of these recaps. But definitely enjoyed Eladio teaching little Miss Dani about the real world.

And could Franco's stone wall be cracking? I thought I saw a little softness quickly repressed when Caridad was talking to him. We shall see. Thanks again Aunty Ann. While there is no doubt there exists such a phenomenon as marital rape, I would imagine that it mostly occurs in marriages with histories of conflict and abuse. Honestly now, have any of you actually heard of a husband's wedding night rape of his bride? How in the world do we get to that point? If we are to believe Eladio's account to the marriage counselor, he did not just suddenly pounce on her when they got to their room.

He said he tried sweet gentle persuasion and then even resorted to pleading with her. Yes, he should have left it at that and didn't, but what kind of flake agrees to marry, goes through with the wedding, then refuses her husband sex on their wedding night? Atypical at least. I think it's safe to assume that Nina would not have been so reluctant. He married a young virginal French bourgeoisie girl and then boasted of his ability to make love to her nine times that first night.

Nine times. For a virgin. I can imagine how physically painful and shocking that must have been to her. Supposedly she was devoted to him in spite of his many infidelities. But he, on the other hand, was deeply wounded years later by her loving friendship with Sainte-Beauve who was homosexual. Strictly a platonic love but "poor sensitive Victor" suffered terribly.

Good sez I. Of course, all this is literary chisme. Who knows the real story? In some countries there is no legal recognition of marital rape and in some of those it is believed that wives have no right to refuse their husbands sex for any reason. Rape is nothing to joke about. That is true and so funny. Maybe it cuts deeper for a trophy wife because they are probably insecure about fading looks and age because they are very well aware that "some" are glorified hookers. The Credit about glorified hookers mentioned by someone else, but dont remember who.

You know who you are, please feel free and accept your credit. Not real people and not real rapes. Nope, rape is a serious issue in real life, don't get me wrong. I would be insulted if he did not and concerned if he couldn't. In this case, I'm team Eladio. I wrote it down. NIni did look sad when Art walked away.

The whole situation between Eladio and Julia is verra strange indeed. Through music, carols, and dance, Navidad Flamenca highlights these traditions all united by a single language and reflects the influences of the Spanish culture throughout the Americas. In , the Company launched its program, Flamenco in the Boros, to serve the diverse communities across New York City.

Since then, the programs have been entirely free to the public, and have given us a chance to augment our arts education activities in nearby schools and include outreach programs in each local community. Flamenco in the Boros also builds on the Company's mission to nurture the next generation of flamenco artists by offering young flamenco artists opportunities to develop their performing skills.

Flamenco artists-dancers, musicians, and singers-from the vibrant NYC flamenco community join the long time professionals and get to hone their skills in these smaller venues. He will be teaching a workshop at Trinity School in Manhattan. Flamenco Poetrance will premier a play by Silvia Siller that tells a common story through theater, poetry and flamenco dance directed by Melania Levitsky. Five artist friends get together to celebrate the anniversary of a dead friend, Bernardo. He had been an inspiration to each of them in their particular talent when the all lived in Paris, but since his death, their talent has been sporadic or dormant until their reunion after 20 years in New York City.

The friends are Juan Carlos, the poet, two flamenco dancers, Isabel and Mariela, a singer, Alonso and a guitar player, Joaquin, who hosts a party for the reunion. This reunion is the opportunity to resurrect old times when all that mattered was their bohemian world; music, dance, poetry and wine. The poems will be recited in Spanish with translation and have been chosen following the plot where a subtle old love triangle emerges. The performance is about the great artist within who got left behind, and who now have the safe space to come forward and step in to the spotlight. The gathering then becomes the actual performance that blows away the shadows these friends have been living.

The show becomes this recollection of a tertulia flamenca where the spirits including their friend are nourished with music, cante, baile, poetry and a few secrets. Mazie is Ian Banks' great flamenco gig in Williamsburg. Great hung out bar until the small hours of the morning!! Join the Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company for an exciting look at the roots of Hispanic music and dance in the rhythms of the African continent.

Second show at pm on the Lower Level's Food Court. Best to reach the mall via subway "R" train to Woodhaven Blvd stop. Lead by dancer Chiara Mangiameli with special guest singer and Seville native Alfonso Cid, the Ensemble performs traditional dance, music and songs from flamenco's birthplace of Andalucia. Its mission is to present a well rounded perspective of this cultural art form with a wide variety of classes such as castanets, bata de cola, cante and palmas and more.

Attended by absolute beginners as well as seasoned dancers, Studio Mangiameli is known for its yearly theatrical student show. Flamenco with Alfonso Cid and Company is also available for private and corporate events. If you need flamenco entertainment you can call Alfonso Cid at or e-mail at mogaburo gmail. Dear flamenco aficionados,. Let's go!!

Again, the best caipirinhas, mojitos and Brazilian and Cuban cuisine in the barrio! For more info you can log on www. The performance will share student studies ranging from beginners to emerging professionals and an excerpt from the Company's latest original work. How to dance to flamenco singing? This is a question a lot of dancers ask. It may look like one of the most difficult things about flamenco dancing. Parallax: noun- The effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions. For our fourth installment of the Parallax Conversation series we are thrilled to bring together the virtuosic, Spanish Flamenco singer, Alfonso Cid, with unique Israeli trumpeter-composer, Itamar Borochov.

You might ask what these two could possibly have in common, they've both worked with the famous Jewish-Moroccan liturgist Rabbi Haim Louk for starters, but that's what we hope you'll join us to find out! This is going to be awesome!! Romeo Santos continues to sell out one arena after the next!! Another fun time with Romeo and his muchachos!!! This time in Acapulco. Created by Chiara Mangiameli , inspired by the melisma, passion and melancholy synonymous with flamenco singing, Studio Mangiameli's 5th annual show features all new choreographies displaying the emotional range of this art form from Andalusia.

An iconic singer, composer and guitarist, his music is distinguished by an innovative style that combines the rhythms and cultures of flamenco, the Maghreb, Sephardic music, jazz and the Caribbean. An international crew of new world rockers, Dientes de Caramelo bursts through borders and rearranges the flamenco mind. Select your dinner option on the page during checking-out when you review your online order and BEFORE finishing the check process. Dinner options include:. The class will also focus on flamenco rhythms and handclapping, flamenco scales and terminology so students can communicate in the traditional lingo with guitarists and flamenco dancers.

Flamenco at La Nacional. Great food, specially the paella is awesome, and great music and dance!! If you are in the Jersey side of the Hudson River you want to come to this show at Mamajuana-Secaucus. This ongoing Queens, NY -based series, established in by Gabriela Granados, features live flamenco, and other styles of Spanish dance and music, perfomed by some of the finest dancers, singers and guitarists from New York City and abroad.

Come celebrate Mother's Day with us this Saturday, May 11th. This time at the Nassau Coliseum. This time at theAllstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Sophie Abbot. Guitarist and composer Arturo Martinez, the bandleader of Espiritu Gitano, was drawn to flamenco in Spain because of its Gypsy, Arab and Jewish influences and has been a noted figure in the New York flamenco scene since the s. His program is rooted in the Andalusian Gypsy tradition and is inspired by various traditions, including North African, Hispanic-American, and jazz.

The evening features Martinez on guitar alongside a stellar collective of instrumentalist, dancers and vocalists. This is an artist who truly has his heart in it having escaped the violence of urban America fused the Arabic and Indian Gypsy roots as well as an anti-war message in the Flamenco cante "Petenera. The best caipirinhas, mojitos and Brazilian and Cuban cuisine in the barrio! This time at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Not only they are great musicians but great friend. Tony de Vivo's Winds of Wood is an experience not to be missed!! Latin American music and Jazz one step away of becoming Classical music.

That's how good Tony's music and arrangements are!! Flamenco in the Lower East Side at Esperanto. Fantastic Brazilian and Cuban food combined with one of the most beautiful art forms there are on the face of the Earth, Flamenco!!! LaMaMa presents…. A Clowns Ex Machina Project. And Clown. Passionate dance.

Soul-filled music. The smells of Spain. And… a clown. This night of traditional flamenco spins out of control -- and Lorca spins in his grave -- as Flamenco Girl brings her own brand of comedy duende to the Tablao. Flamenco in the East Village in Esperanto! Come over to one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy a good old flamenco show while sipping at your caipirinha or mojito.

Flamenco in the EAst Village at Esperanto! Nature is still trying to offer us a winter time, but We are fighting it with good old flamenco music and dance. I keep saying it, but it's the truth, over there you have wonderful caipirinhas, mojitos and even better feijoadas! I also love their bolinhos cod fish fritters and the chayote salad. Mazie is a jewel of a bar in the heart of Brooklyn's Williamsburg. The first time I performed there I was surprised of the great decor and the nice people we met there. Great hung out bar!! I'm very happy to announce we have flamenco shows back at Esperanto, that very sweet Brazilian and Cuban restaurant in the Lower East Side.

The lineup for the night will be:. Maya de Silva, flamenco dancer. And myself on vocals and flute. Three sets starting at PM. I'm so excited!!! This will be my first time in South America. Again, it is a true honor to be part of this show!! Sol La Argentinita, flamenco dancer. The line up for this show will be:. Sol La Argentinita, Flamenco dance and voclas. Cristian Puig, Flamenco guitar. Alfonso Cid, flamenco vocals and flute. Romeo keeps beating records!! This artist is a mass culture phenomenon. It is a true honor to be part of this show!!

It can't get more romantic than this!! Join the Swarthmore College dance program faculty for an evening of choreographic works. Selections include modern, flamenco, African, and much more. Photo by Esther Babb. Xicala has a wonderful selection of Spanish wines and tapas. Join wonderful flamenco dancer Maya de Silva and her flamenco friends for three fantastic shows starting at PM. For more info go to www. Photo by Maly Blomberg. Ventanas is a spacious and hip restaurant right under the High Line. I hope to see you there!! A don't miss event in a wonderful atmosphere in the intimate space at Casa Mezcal.

You can reserve a table for dinner at casamezcalny gmail. Ian Banks, guitar and myself on vocals with two guest flamenco dancers. Cadaques is a beautiful fishing town in Girona, Catalonia, Spain as well as a restaurant in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Walk south four blocks and make a left on Grand Street. Its mission is to promote intercultural understanding, community growth, and cultural diversity by showcasing the talents of US-based flamenco performers.

Juanito Pascual, guitar. Developed more than a millennium ago, maqam is a complex system of musical modes and represents one of the great legacies of the Arab-Islamic world. Maqam Fest celebrates a line-up that pays tribute to this long-honored tradition and alluring geographic spectrum, featuring ancient traditions, explorations of historic ties between musical styles, and contemporary compositions and improvisations. One of the most anticipated events of the performing arts field, this convention brings thousands of presenters, agents, managers, artists from around the country and the world in the fields of dance, theater, and music to New York City each January.

Romeo Santos has written history!!! It'll be a pleasure to be there again in my little cameo appearance on his song "Mi Santa" with the great local flamenco dancer Patricia Abreu, percussionist Jotan Afanador, guitarits Eric Bori Rivera and Romeo's wonderful band. Thanks guys for this opportunity and embracing me like a brother.

Pianist and composer Ariadna Castellanos is the only Spanish musician to achieve the prestigious presidential scholarship from Berklee College of Music. Castellanos has performed all over the world. Ariadna Castellanos, piano. Alfonso Cid, vocals and flute. Marina Elana. I'll be doing my cameo appearance in the song "Mi Santa" with the wonderful flamenco dancer Siudy Garrido.

So much fun!!! Raphael Brunn, flamenco guitar. Camila Celin, acoustic guitar. Carlota Santana created our innovative Arts Education program, integrating Spanish dance and culture with the school curriculum. Our mission is to use our art to bridge cultural differences, and to bring the Arts of the Spanish Speaking World to students. We have been fulfilling this mission in schools throughout the nation since the Company was founded in Explore music and dance from the many cultures, including Spanish, Indian, and Persian, that have blended to create the defiant art form of Flamenco.

Benefactor reception will feature Spanish tapas and wine. Alfonso Cid. Flamenco Andaluz - pm. Buy tickets. Past Dates Saturday, June 8th, Terraza 7. Nueva York Flamenco City at Terraza 7 - pm. Tuesday, May 28th, Cantina Cumbancha. Flamenco Rhythm Palmas Workshop - pm. Cantina Cumbancha is located at: N12th St. Friday, May 24th, Cantina Cumbancha. Flamenco Juerga and Open Mic - pm. Tuesday, May 21st, Cantina Cumbancha. Pedro Cortes comes from a family of Spanish gypsy guitarists and began his studies with his father and the esteemed Flamenco guitarist Sabicas.

Having toured professionally since the age of 17, he has gained international recognition as a soloist and composer. As covered in detail in a recent New Yorker magazine article, Mr. Cortes is a third generation in demand Flamenco guitarist and uses the experience passed down to him by his family to maintain the purity of Flamenco while creating new compositions.

Along with special diverse guest artists, the experience reveals the pure emotional essence of this popular Iberian music and dance form. Together they celebrate the expressive flamenco as it takes on a new character and exposes the audience to the warmth of the human spirit as expressed through music and dance. The dance movements and the facial expressions join with the artistry of the musicians and singer to create a spectacle that is a treat for both the eye and the soul.

Come experience an evening of Spanish gypsy culture with the cast of this captivating music and dance celebration! We recommend planning on a fine meal or dessert at one of many fine restaurants in quaint downtown Westfield before or after the show. Tuesday, May 14th, Cantina Cumbancha. Saturday, May 11th, Terraza 7. Friday, May 10th, Brooklyn Museum of Art. Friday, May 10, 8—11 pm Martha A.

Tuesday, May 7th, Cantina Cumbancha. Cumbancha Open Rehearsals feat. Claudia Valentina - Saturday, May 4th, Terraza 7. Tuesday, April 30th, Cantina Cumbancha. Gurumbe: Afro-Andalusian Memories Film. Conversation - pm - pm. Tuesday, April 23rd, Cantina Cumbancha. Flamenco Show - pm. Tuesday, April 16th, Cantina Cumbancha. Saturday, April 13th, Terraza 7. Flamenco Fridays - pm pm.

Te esperamos. Monday, April 8th, Cantina Cumbancha. Monday, March 25th, Cantina Cumbancha. Monday, March 18th, Cantina Cumbancha. Bronx Rising! La Petenera: Woman of Mystery - pm. Monday, March 11th, Cantina Cumbancha. Saturday, March 9th, Terraza 7. Tuesday, March 5th, Space. Flamenco Quartet Project - pm. Alfonso Cid flamenco singer and flute player is a native of Seville, Spain. Monday, February 25th, Cantina Cumbancha. Monday, February 18th, Cantina Cumbancha. Saturday, February 16th, Alegrias en La Nacional. Sunday, February 3rd, Studio Arte.

Flamenco Workshop for Dancers - pm to pm. Exposing its universal value as an artistic and cultural expression. Analyze flamenco in depth as a genre in a participatory, casual and fun environment. Explore its Arabic, Moorish, Jewish, African, Hispanic-American and Gypsy roots within the context of the traditional folk and popular music of Spain from the Renaissance, to the Baroque and the Romantic eras.

Saturday, February 2nd, Terraza 7. Since summer through winter , she danced with the internationally renowned company Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenca in numerous tours and productions. New Andalucia at Brooklyn Maqam Hang - pm. Friday, January 25th, Marbella Restaurant. Flamenco y Sol - pm.

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Friday, January 18th, St Mazie. Friday Nights - pm. Saturday, January 5th, Terraza 7. Monday, December 31st, Sala One Nine. Make your reservation now! Sol "La Argentinita", flamenco dancer Alfonso Cid. Monday, December 24th, City Winery. Saturday, December 22nd, Symphony Space. Saturday, December 15th, The Broad Stage. Flamenco Tablao en El Barrio - pm. Saturday, December 1st, Terraza 7. New Bojaira at Terraza 7 - pm. Sunday, November 4th, Logan Center for the Arts. Sunday, November 4, - pm. Tablao Flamenco - Doors: pm.

Show: pm. Friday, October 19th, Las Margaritas. Saturday, October 6th, Terraza 7. Saturday, September 29th, Terraza 7. Saturday, September 22nd, Live at The Falcon. Music at No Cover. Donations encouraged. Tablao Abierto - PM. Guitar Under the Stars - P. Daniel Salazar, Jr. Saturday, September 1st, Terraza 7. Nueva York Flamenco City - pm. Sunday, August 26th, D'Antigua. Tuesday, August 14th, City Winery. Doors open at pm Show starts at pm.

Saturday, August 11th, Gaucho. Saturday, June 30th, Ocre House Theater. Show Schedule. About The Show. Back by popular demand! Saturday, June 2nd, Terraza 7. Friday, June 1st, Studio Arte. Saturday, May 26th, The Royal Room. Sunday, May 20th, Studio Arte. Flamenco Cante for Dancers Workshop - pm. Saturday, May 19th, City Lore. New Andalucia at City Lore - pm doors open at pm. Sunday, May 13th, Sala Miguel Covarrubias.

Saturday, May 5th, Terraza 7. Nueva York Flamenco City presents. Saturday, April 28th, Terraza 7. New Andalucia at Terraza 7 - pm. Saturday, April 21st, Terraza 7. Dientes de Caramelo at Terraza 7 - pm. Duende Adentro. Saturday, April 7th, Terraza 7. Saturday, March 3rd, Terraza 7. Thursday, February 22nd, Soberao Jazz. Saturday, February 17th, Eshavira Club. Thursday, February 15th, Teatro Cinema Filo.

Saturday, February 3rd, Terraza 7. Sunday, January 21st, Thornton Wilder Auditorium. Sunday, January 14th, Cornelia St. Saturday, January 6th, Terraza 7. Wednesday, December 20th, Drom. Friday, December 15th, Terraza 7. Wednesday, December 13th, Cornelia St. Tuesday, December 12th, Planeta. Sunday, December 3rd, La Nacional. Beverages will be available at a cash bar. This event is all ages. Friday, November 24th, Terraza 7. Nueva York Flamenco City - pm and pm. Saturday, November 18th, Gaucho. Saturday, November 11th, La Nacional.

Friday, November 10th, St. Sunday, November 5th, Phoenix Theater. A Night In Andalusia - pm. Helping Puerto Rico blossom again. Friday, October 27th, St. Friday, October 20th, Terraza 7. Nueva York Flamenco City - pm - pm. Thursday, October 12th, Espacio Flamenco Portland. Saturday, September 23rd, Van Nostrand Theatre. Carnival to Feria - pm. Saturday, September 16th, Cafe Madrid Continental. Celebrating a Year of Tablao Night.

Guitar Under the Stars ! Saturday, August 19th, Patchogue Garden Club. Festival del Amor-Cuadro Flamenco - pm. Saturday, August 12th, Gallery Flamenco at the West End - pm. Wednesday, May 31st, Caramoor. Wednesday Morning Concert Flamenco in the Courtyard - am. Wednesday, May 31st, La Gamelle. Saturday, May 20th, Palacio de Bellas Artes. Gala de Flamenco - pm. We will share the stage with two more flamenco companies from Mexico. Saturday, May 13th, Royal Room. Madre Flamenca - pm. Friday, May 12th, Piccola Cellars. Madre Flamenca. Friday, May 5th, Teatro Circulo.

Adorno - Fridays and Saturdays, pm; Sundays, pm. Friday, April 28th, Teatro Circulo. Wednesday, April 26th, La Gamelle. Saturday, April 15th, Echo Company Theater. Las Perlas: an evening of flamenco variety - pm. Saturday, April 8th, The Royal Room. Friday, March 31st, Tablao. Wednesday, March 29th, La Gamelle. Tuesday, March 28th, Planeta. Recital Flamenco at Planeta - pm. Saturday, March 25th, House Concert. Recital Flamenco. This show is a private house concert with guitarist Andreas Arnold. Friday, March 24th, Tablao. Saturday, March 18th, House Concert.

Recital Flamenco - pm. This house concert with guitarist Andreas Arnold is a private event. Friday, March 17th, Tablao Restaurant. Friday, March 10th, Tablao Restaurant. Friday, March 3rd, Tablao Restaurant. Friday, February 24th, Tablao Restaurant. Thursday, February 23rd, Drom. This celebration of World Dance will host performers in genres from around the globe; from the Middle East to India.

Featuring Performances By:. Sunday, February 19th, Williamsburg Music Center. Guy Mintus Trio - PM. Friday, February 17th, Tablao Restaurant. Tuesday, February 14th, Sunnyvale.


Friday, February 3rd, Tablao Restaurant. Tuesday, January 31st, Socarrat Paella Bar. Flamenco at Socarrat - pm. Saturday, January 28th, Alegrias en La Nacional. Friday, January 27th, Tablao Restaurant. Friday, January 20th, Tablao Restaurant. Flamenco Show! Friday, January 13th, Tablao Restaurant. Friday, December 16th, Tablao. Saturday, December 10th, Alegrias en La Nacional. A Night in Andalusia - pm and pm. Friday, December 9th, Manjares Bistro. Friday, December 2nd, Tablao. Eclipsis Flamenco - pm. Wednesday, November 9th, Various Venues. The Jerusalem Andalusian Orchestra Tour.

Saturday, October 29th, La Gamelle. Flamenco at La Gamelle - PM. Friday, October 28th, Terraza 7. Tuesday, October 25th, Drom. The fusion between Jazz and Flamenco is undoubtedly one of the most exciting artistic expressions currently currently emerging from Europe.

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The result, in the case of the New York Bojaira Project, is an original and engaging fusion, blending jazz improvisation with the excitement of flamenco, rhythms, dance and singing to create a powerful combination of energy and subtlety on stage, taking audiences on a fascinating multi-cultural excursion. Friday, October 14th, Asnuntuck Community College. Wednesday, October 5th, Tablao. Friday, September 30th, Tablao. Wednesday, September 28th, Tablao. Friday, September 23rd, Tablao.

Wednesday, September 21st, Tablao. Friday, September 16th, Tablao. Wednesday, September 14th, Tablao. Friday, September 9th, Tablao. Wednesday, September 7th, Tablao. Wednesday, September 7th, Caramoor. Flamenco in The Courtyard - am. Wednesday, August 31st, Tablao. Saturday, August 27th, Various Venues. Romeo Santos Formula Vol. Wednesday, August 10th, Tablao. Friday, August 5th, Tablao. Wednesday, August 3rd, Tablao. Friday, July 29th, Tablao.

Wednesday, July 27th, Tablao. Friday, July 22nd, Tablao. Wednesday, July 13th, The Royal Room. Sunday, July 10th, Rockwood Music Hall. Friday, June 17th, Le Bab-Ilo. Sunday, June 12th, The Clark Museum. Saturday, June 11th, Cafe Madrid Continental. Flamenco Tablao Show - PM. Friday, June 10th, Tablao Restaurant. Wednesday, June 8th, Tablao Restaurant. Saturday, May 14th, Cafe Madrid Continental. Friday, April 29th, Tablao Restaurant. Friday, April 22nd, Tablao Restaurant.

Saturday, April 16th, Tablao Restaurant. Friday, April 15th, Tablao Restaurant. Wednesday, April 13th, Tablao Restaurant. Tuesday, April 12th, Socarrat Paella Bar. Flamenco at Socarrat - PM. Friday, March 18th, Joe's Pub. Thursday, March 10th, Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

Wednesday, March 2nd, Tablao Restaurant. Shows at PM on February 25th through the 28th. Wednesday, February 24th, Tablao Restaurant. Flamenco Tablao Show - pm. Friday, February 19th, Tablao Restaurant. Wednesday, February 17th, Tablao Restaurant. Flamenco with Carolina Montilla - PM. Flamenco show with flamenco dancer Carolina Montilla and flamenco guitraist Andreas Arnold.

Friday, February 12th, Tablao Restaurant. Wednesday, February 10th, Tablao Restaurant. Saturday, February 6th, Ballet Hispanico. Excellent for dancers who wish to strengthen their understanding of how to work with the cante. You do not need to sing; you only need to dance in this workshop. Friday, February 5th, House of Yes.

Friday, February 5th, Tablao Restaurant. Wednesday, February 3rd, Tablao Restaurant. Friday, January 29th, Tablao Restaurant. Saturday, November 7th, Various Venues. The calendar of events is as follows: November 7th, Rosario, Argentina. November 8th, La Plata, Argentina. November 14th, Coquimbo, Chile. November 15th, Antofagasta, Chile.

November 20th, Guayaquil, Ecuador. November 21st, Cuenca, Ecuador. November 27th, Quito, Ecuador. November 28th, Manta, Ecuador. November 29th, Ambato, Ecuador. December 4th, San Pedro Sula, Honduras. December 12th, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Wednesday, November 4th, Tablao Restaurant.

Wednesday, October 28th, Tablao Restaurant. Saturday, October 24th, Van Nostrand Theater. Wednesday, October 21st, Tablao Restaurant. Tuesday, October 20th, Socarrat Paella Bar. Wednesday, October 14th, Tablao Restaurant. Tuesday, October 13th, Socarrat Paella Bar. Wednesday, October 7th, Tablao Restaurant. Tuesday, October 6th, Socarrat Paella Bar. Thursday, October 1st, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Wednesday, September 23rd, Tablao Restaurant. Flamenco at Chez Lucienne - PM. Friday, August 28th, St Mazie.

Friday Nights - PM. Friday, August 28th, Tablao Restaurant. Wednesday, August 26th, Tablao Restaurant. Friday, August 21st, St Mazie. Friday, August 21st, Tablao Restaurant. Friday, August 7th, St Mazie. Friday, August 7th, Tablao Restaurant. Tuesday, August 4th, Socarrat Paella Bar. Friday, July 31st, Tablao Restaurant. Wednesday, July 29th, Tablao Restaurant. Tuesday, July 28th, Socarrat Paella Bar. Saturday, July 25th, Union Arts Center. Wednesday, July 22nd, Tablao Restaurant.

Tuesday, July 21st, Socarrat Paella Bar. Sunday, July 12th, Barclays Center. Romeo Santos World Tour Wednesday, July 8th, Tablao Restaurant. Tuesday, November 25th, Socarrat Nolita. Socarrat Flamenco Night!! Friday, November 21st, Tablao Restaurant. Come over for the best Flamenco, mojitos and caipirinhas in the Lower East Side! Friday, July 18th, Jazz Zone. Saturday, July 12th, Yankee Stadium. Romeo Santos-Formula Vol. Romeo Santos is the King of Bachata!! Friday, July 11th, Yankee Stadium. Romeo Santos de King of Bachata!!

Sunday, June 22nd, Various venues. Fiesta Flamenca at Esperanto!! Fiesta Flamenca at Esperanto - PM. Friday, May 16th, Alwan for the Arts. Thursday, May 15th, Flamenco Latino. Flamenco singing class - PM. Dear Flamenco aficionados, My ongoing flamenco singing classes are more like a gathering of friends having a good time singing flamenco than anything else.

Monday, April 28th, Various Venues. April 29th, Movistar Arena, Santiago de Chile.

April 30th, Movistar Arena, Santiago de Chile. Saturday, March 1st, Palau Sant Jordi. Saturday, February 15th, Sanders Theater. Thursday, February 6th, Flamenco Latino. Saturday, February 1st, Factory Underground. Flamencas de Connecticut - PM. Friday, January 31st, Tablao Spanish Restaurant. Dia Flamenco - PM. Thursday, January 30th, Flamenco Latino.

Dear Flamenco aficionados, My on going flamenco singing classes at Flamenco Latino are more like a gathering of friends having a good time singing flamenco than anything else. Saturday, January 25th, The Shrine. Price: No cover-all donations go directly to the musicians. Friday, January 24th, Tablao Spanish Restaurant. Flamenco Show at Tablao - PM.

Looking forward to it!! Thursday, January 23rd, Flamenco Latino. Come over for the best flamenco, mojitos and caipirinhas in the Loisaida!!


Thursday, January 16th, Flamenco Latino. Friday, December 27th, St. Friday Nights - AM. Friday, December 20th, Drom. Come over for the best flamenco, mojitos and caipirinhas in Loisaida!! Wednesday, December 18th, Local Sunday, December 15th, The Wine Spot. Friday, December 13th, Bronx Museum. Navidad Flamenca - PM. Thursday, December 12th, Trinity School. Price: Workshop-no admission to the public. Thursday, December 12th, Flushing Library Queens. Wednesday, December 11th, PS Sunday, October 27th, The Poet's Den. Saturday, October 26th, The Poet's Den. Friday, October 25th, St. Thursday, October 24th, Flamenco Latino.

Flamenco Singing Class - PM. Friday, October 18th, St. Thursday, October 17th, Flamenco Latino.