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Cost reduction and advancement of distribution line work techniques is also considered. Research and development of treatment techniques for LLW from decommissioning: Decontamination and volume reduction techniques. They are: a Gas-carrying abrasive method, b In-situ remote electropolishing method for pipe system before dismantling, c Bead reaction - thermal shock method, and d Laser induced chemical method for components after dismantling.

JAERI in developing techniques are also carrying out melting tests of metal and non-metal. Melting was confirmed to be effective in reducing the volume, homogenizing, and furthermore stabilizing non-metallic wastes. Technique for systematic bone reduction for fixed implant-supported prosthesis in the edentulous maxilla. Bone reduction for maxillary fixed implant-supported prosthodontic treatment is often necessary to either gain prosthetic space or to conceal the prosthesis-tissue junction in patients with excessive gingival display gummy smile.

Inadequate bone reduction is often a cause of prosthetic failure due to material fractures, poor esthetics, or inability to perform oral hygiene procedures due to unfavorable ridge lap prosthetic contours. Various instruments and techniques are available for bone reduction. It would be helpful to have an accurate and efficient method for bone reduction at the time of surgery and subsequently create a smooth bony platform.

This article presents a straightforward technique for systematic bone reduction by transferring the patient's maximum smile line, recorded clinically, to a clear radiographic smile guide for treatment planning using cone beam computed tomography CBCT. The patient's smile line and the amount of required bone reduction are transferred clinically by marking bone with a sterile stationery graphite wood pencil at the time of surgery. This technique can help clinicians to accurately achieve the desired bone reduction during surgery, and provide confidence that the diagnostic and treatment planning goals have been achieved.

Published by Elsevier Inc. Dynamic model reduction : An overview of available techniques with application to power systems. Full Text Available This paper summarises the model reduction techniques used for the reduction of large-scale linear and nonlinear dynamic models, described by the differential and algebraic equations that are commonly used in control theory. The groups of methods discussed in this paper for reduction of the linear dynamic model are based on singular perturbation analysis, modal analysis, singular value decomposition, moment matching and methods based on a combination of singular value decomposition and moment matching.

Among the nonlinear dynamic model reduction methods, proper orthogonal decomposition, the trajectory piecewise linear method, balancing-based methods, reduction by optimising system matrices and projection from a linearised model, are described. Part of the paper is devoted to the techniques commonly used for reduction equivalencing of large-scale power systems, which are based on coherency, synchrony, singular perturbation analysis, modal analysis and identification. Two most interesting of the described techniques are applied to the reduction of the commonly used New England generator, bus test power system.

Tibial plateau fractures requiring surgery are severe injuries of the lower extremities. Depending on the fracture pattern, the age of the patient, the range of activity and the bone quality there is a broad variation in adequate treatment. This article reports on an innovative treatment concept to address split depression fractures Schatzker type II and depression fractures Schatzker type III of the tibial head using the balloon osteoplasty technique for fracture reduction. Using the balloon technique achieves a precise and safe fracture reduction.

This internal osteoplasty combines a minimal invasive percutaneous approach with a gently rise of the depressed area and the associated protection of the stratum regenerativum below the articular cartilage surface. This article lights up the surgical procedure using the balloon technique in tibia depression fractures.

Using the balloon technique a precise and safe fracture reduction can be achieved. This internal osteoplasty combines a minimally invasive percutaneous approach with a gentle raising of the depressed area and the associated protection of the regenerative layer below the articular cartilage surface. Fracture reduction by use of a tamper results in high peak forces over small areas, whereas by using the balloon the forces are distributed over a larger area causing less secondary stress to the cartilage tissue.

This less invasive approach might help to achieve a better long-term outcome with decreased secondary osteoarthritis due to the precise and chondroprotective reduction technique. Full Text Available This research paper basically explores and compares the different modeling and analysis techniques and than it also explores the model order reduction approach and significance.

The traditional modeling and simulation techniques for dynamic systems are generally adequate for single-domain systems only, but the Bond Graph technique provides new strategies for reliable solutions of multi-domain system. They are also used for analyzing linear and non linear dynamic production system, artificial intelligence, image processing, robotics and industrial automation.

This paper describes a unique technique of generating the Genetic design from the tree structured transfer function obtained from Bond Graph. This research work combines bond graphs for model representation with Genetic programming for exploring different ideas on design space tree structured transfer function result from replacing typical bond graph element with their impedance equivalent specifying impedance lows for Bond Graph multiport. This tree structured form thus obtained from Bond Graph is applied for generating the Genetic Tree. Application studies will identify key issues and importance for advancing this approach towards becoming on effective and efficient design tool for synthesizing design for Electrical system.

In the first phase, the system is modeled using Bond Graph technique. Its system response and transfer function with conventional and Bond Graph method is analyzed and then a approach towards model order reduction is observed. The suggested algorithm and other known modern model order reduction techniques are applied to a 11th order high pass filter [1], with different approach.

The model order reduction technique developed in this paper has least reduction errors and secondly the final model retains structural information. The system response and the stability analysis of the system transfer function taken by conventional and by Bond Graph method is compared and. Experimental investigation on emission reduction in neem oil biodiesel using selective catalytic reduction and catalytic converter techniques.

In the present study, non-edible seed oil namely raw neem oil was converted into biodiesel using transesterification process. Urea-based selective catalytic reduction SCR technique with catalytic converter CC was fixed in the exhaust tail pipe of the engine for the reduction of engine exhaust emissions. Initially, the engine was operated with diesel as a working fluid and followed by refilling of biodiesel blends B25 and B50 to obtain the baseline readings without SCR and CC.

On comparing with biodiesel blends, diesel experiences increased BTE of At full load, B25 showed lower carbon monoxide CO of 0. On the whole, the engine with SCR and CC setup showed better performance and emission characteristics than standard engine operation.

The need for novel model order reduction techniques in the electronics industry Chapter 1. In this paper, we discuss the present and future needs of the electronics industry with regard to model order reduction. The industry has always been one of the main motivating fields for the development of MOR techniques , and continues to play this role. We discuss the search for provably passive. Relativistic formulations with Blankenbecler-Sugar reduction technique for the three-particle system.

A critical comparison for two-types of three-dimensional covariant equations for the three-particle system obtained by the Blankenbecler-Sugar reduction technique with the Whitghtman-Garding momenta and the usual Jacobi variables is presented. The relations between the relativistic and non-relativistic equations in the low energy limit are discussed. As a result of concern about the apparent increase in collective radiation dose to workers at nuclear power plants, this project will provide information to industry in preplanning for radiation protection during maintenance operations.

New model reduction technique for a class of parabolic partial differential equations. A model reduction or lumping technique for a class of parabolic-type partial differential equations is given, and its application is discussed. The frequency response of the temperature distribution in any multilayer solid is developed and given by a matrix expression.

The distributed transfer. This paper studies generalized single-stream transmit beamforming employing receive array co-channel interference reduction algorithms under slow and flat fading multiuser wireless systems. The impact of imperfect prediction of channel state information for the desired user spatially uncorrelated transmit channels on the effectiveness of transmit beamforming for different interference reduction techniques is investigated. The case of over-loaded receive array with closely-spaced elements is considered, wherein it can be configured to specified interfering sources.

Both dominant interference reduction and adaptive interference reduction techniques for statistically ordered and unordered interferers powers, respectively, are thoroughly studied. The effect of outdated statistical ordering of the interferers powers on the efficiency of dominant interference reduction is studied and then compared against the adaptive interference reduction. For the system models described above, new analytical formulations for the statistics of combined signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio are presented, from which results for conventional maximum ratio transmission and single-antenna best transmit selection can be directly deduced as limiting cases.

These results are then utilized to obtain quantitative measures for various performance metrics. They are also used to compare the achieved performance of various configuration models under consideration. Full Text Available Power consumption reduction is a challenge nowadays.

Techniques for dynamic and static power minimization have been proposed, but most of them are very time consuming. This work proposes an algorithm for reducing static power, which can be perfectly inserted in the conventional design flow for integrated systems considering an open source environment open access infrastructure.

The proposed approach, based on a Dual-Threshold technique , replaces part of the cells of the circuit by cells with a higher threshold voltage without resulting in timing violations in the circuit. The decision to replace a cell is based on timing estimates of the circuit modeling with the cell replacement, before it is actually replaced. The fact that only some cells are replaced every iteration results in a reduction of the runtime of the algorithm. Additionally, results showed a reduction in static power up to Resampling : An optimization method for inverse planning in robotic radiosurgery.

By design, the range of beam directions in conventional radiosurgery are constrained to an isocentric array. However, the recent introduction of robotic radiosurgery dramatically increases the flexibility of targeting, and as a consequence, beams need be neither coplanar nor isocentric.

Such a nonisocentric design permits a large number of distinct beam directions to be used in one single treatment. These major technical differences provide an opportunity to improve upon the well-established principles for treatment planning used with GammaKnife or LINAC radiosurgery. With this objective in mind, our group has developed over the past decade an inverse planning tool for robotic radiosurgery. This system first computes a set of beam directions, and then during an optimization step, weights each individual beam.

Optimization begins with a feasibility query, the answer to which is derived through linear programming. This approach offers the advantage of completeness and avoids local optima. Final beam selection is based on heuristics. In this report we present and evaluate a new strategy for utilizing the advantages of linear programming to improve beam selection. Starting from an initial solution, a heuristically determined set of beams is added to the optimization problem, while beams with zero weight are removed. This process is repeated to sample a set of beams much larger compared with typical optimization.

Experimental results indicate that the planning approach efficiently finds acceptable plans and that resampling can further improve its efficiency. Computer simulation results show that, the proposed technique can reduce PAPR up to 5. Besides describing three techniques for PAPR reduction , SeLective Mapping SLM, Partial Transmit Sequence PTS and Interleaving, a detailed analysis of the performances of these techniques for various values of relevant parameters number of phase sequences, number of interleavers, number of phase factors, number of subblocks depending on applied technique , is carried out.

Simulation of these techniques is run in Matlab software. Simulations are performed for OFDM signals with 32 and subcarriers, oversampled by a factor of 4. A detailed comparison of these techniques is made based on Matlab simulation results. The Golay Code 24, 12, Reed-Muller code 16, 11, Hamming code 7, 4 and Hybrid technique Combination of Signal Scrambling and Signal Distortion proposed by us are used as proposed coding techniques , the simulation results shows that performance of Hybrid technique , reduces PAPR significantly as compared to Conventional and Modified Selective mapping techniques.

The simulation results are discussed in detail, in this article. Effect of process parameters and injector position on the efficiency of NOx reduction by selective non catalytic reduction technique. An experimental investigation has been performed to study the effect of atomizer pressure dilution of the reducing reagent and the injector position on the efficiency or the NOx reduction by a selective non-catalytic reduction technique using urea as a reducing agent.

Experiments were performed with a flow reactor in which flue gas was generated by the combustion of methane in air at stoichiometric amount of oxygen and the desired levels of initial NOx ppm were achieved by doping the flame with ammonia. The work was directed to investigate the effect of atomizer pressure, dilution of urea reagent and the injector position. Details of the implementation with special emphasis on the programming environment are discussed at length. The add-in is available electronically to interested readers upon request.

The use of the add-in facilitates numerical statistical analyses of data from within EXCEL in a comfortable way. The low ACLR of the transmitted FBMC signal makes it especially favorable in cognitive radio applications, where strict requirements are posed on out-of-band radiation. Large dynamic range resulting in high peak-to-average power ratio PAPR is characteristic of all sorts of multicarrier signals. Spectral regrowth may appear, causing harmful interference in the neighboring frequency bands.

This paper presents novel clipping based PAPR reduction techniques , evaluated and compared by simulations and measurements, with an emphasis on spectral aspects. The paper gives an overall comparison of PAPR reduction techniques , focusing on the reduction of the dynamic range of FBMC signals without increasing out-of-band radiation.

An overview is presented on transmitter oriented techniques employing baseband clipping, which can maintain the system performance with a desired bit error rate BER. Reduction of thermal models of buildings: improvement of techniques using meteorological influence models; Reduction de modeles thermiques de batiments: amelioration des techniques par modelisation des sollicitations meteorologiques. This work concerns the modeling of thermal phenomena inside buildings for the evaluation of energy exploitation costs of thermal installations and for the modeling of thermal and aeraulic transient phenomena.

These new methods are compared to classical methods. Testing of indoor radon reduction techniques in eastern Pennsylvania: An update. EPA has installed radon reduction measures in 38 houses in the Reading Prong region of eastern Pennsylvania. All were basement houses with hollow block or poured concrete foundation walls.

The reduction approaches tested in most houses involved active soil ventilation, including: suction on the footing drain tile system; suction underneath the concrete slabs, using pipes inserted through the slabs from inside the house; and ventilation of the void network inside hollow block foundation walls.

Heat recovery ventilators HRVs were tested in three houses. Sub-slab suction with pipes through the slab can also provide high reductions if a sufficient number of suction pipes are located properly. Placement of one or more sub-slab suction pipes near each perimeter wall appears in this testing to aid in treating the major soil gas entry routes, although fewer pipes can sometimes give high reductions if conditions are favorable.

For effective radon reduction using any active soil ventilation technique , it is important that major wall and slab openings be closed, and that a fan be employed that is capable of developing adequate static pressure. Version 3. This article proposes a resampling -based stochastic approximation method to address this challenge.

At each iteration of the proposed method, a small subsample is drawn from the full dataset, and then the current estimate. A method for model reduction of dynamical systems with the second order structure is proposed in this paper. The proposed technique preserves the second order structure of the system, and also preserves the stability of the original systems. The method uses the controllability and observability The bound on approximation error is also derived. The numerical results are compared with the counterparts from other techniques.

The results confirm However, it will come with an exhaustive search over all combinations of allowed phase weighting factors and the search complexity increasing exponentially with the number of subblocks. In this paper, we work around potentially computational intractability; the proposed PSO scheme exploits heuristics to search the optimal combination of phase factors with low complexity.

Simulation results show that the new technique can effectively reduce the computation complexity and PAPR reduction. Computational reduction techniques for numerical vibro-acoustic analysis of hearing aids.

Mauritius North Port Louis, Pamplemousses and Riviere du Rempart (Photo Albums. Book 11)

In this thesis, several challenges encountered in the process of modelling and optimizing hearing aids are addressed. Firstly, a strategy for modelling the contacts between plastic parts for harmonic analysis is developed. Irregularities in the contact surfaces, inherent to the manufacturing process of the parts Secondly, the applicability of Model Order Reduction MOR techniques to lower the computational complexity of hearing aid vibro-acoustic models is studied.

For fine frequency response calculation and optimization, which require solving the numerical model repeatedly, a computational challenge In this context, several MOR techniques are discussed, and an adaptive reduction method for vibro-acoustic optimization problems is developed as a main contribution. Use experiences of MCNP in nuclear energy study. Review of variance reduction techniques. Tokai Research Establishment; eds. This working group dealt with the variance reduction techniques of 1 neutron and gamma ray transport calculation of fusion reactor system, 2 concept design of nuclear transmutation system using accelerator, 3 JMTR core calculation, 4 calculation of prompt neutron decay constant, 5 neutron and gamma ray transport calculation for exposure evaluation, 6 neutron and gamma ray transport calculation of shielding system, etc.

The 11 papers are indexed individually. This year''s main activity of the working group has been focused on the review of variance reduction techniques of Monte Carlo calculations. Furthermore, this working group started an activity to compile ''Guideline of Monte Carlo Calculation'' which will be a standard in the future. The appendices of this report include this ''Guideline'', the use experience of MCNP 4B and examples of Monte Carlo calculations of high energy charged particles.

An 18 nH lumped inductor is used in addition to a small 0. It is possible to reduce the center frequency S11 min by Recently, a piecewise linear companding technique is recommended aiming at minimizing companding distortion. Application of nonisothermal kinetic techniques on the reduction of three commercial iron ore agglomerates. The mechanism of reduction of iron ore agglomerates by both isothermal and nonisothermal TG studies was investigated, and the work was complemented with the structural characterization of the total and partially reacted samples.

Three different commercial hematite pellets were studied. The mechanisms of reduction were obtained under isothermal conditions, resulting in a fitting to chemical reaction models. It was found that the lower the heating rate, the higher the reduction degree and the higher activation energy. The activation energy for reduction with the mixture H 2 -CO was always higher than that obtained with pure H 2. Variance- reduction technique for Coulomb-nuclear thermalization of energetic fusion products in hot plasmas. A variance- reduction technique involving use of exponential transform and angular-biasing methods has been developed.

Its purpose is to minimize the variance and computer time involved in estimating the mean fusion product fp energy deposited in a hot, multi-region plasma under the influence of small-energy transfer Coulomb collisions and large-energy transfer nuclear elastic scattering NES events. This technique is applicable to high-temperature D- 3 He, Cat. A Particle Smoother with Sequential Importance Resampling for soil hydraulic parameter estimation: A lysimeter experiment. An adequate description of soil hydraulic properties is essential for a good performance of hydrological forecasts.

So far, several studies showed that data assimilation could reduce the parameter uncertainty by considering soil moisture observations. However, these observations and also the model forcings were recorded with a specific measurement error. It seems a logical step to base state updating and parameter estimation on observations made at multiple time steps, in order to reduce the influence of outliers at single time steps given measurement errors and unknown model forcings.

Such outliers could result in erroneous state estimation as well as inadequate parameters. This has been one of the reasons to use a smoothing technique as implemented for Bayesian data assimilation methods such as the Ensemble Kalman Filter i. Ensemble Kalman Smoother. Recently, an ensemble-based smoother has been developed for state update with a SIR particle filter. However, this method has not been used for dual state-parameter estimation. In this contribution we present a Particle Smoother with sequentially smoothing of particle weights for state and parameter resampling within a time window as opposed to the single time step data assimilation used in filtering techniques.

This can be seen as an intermediate variant between a parameter estimation technique using global optimization with estimation of single parameter sets valid for the whole period, and sequential Monte Carlo techniques with estimation of parameter sets evolving from one time step to another. In order to validate the performance of the proposed method in a real world application, the experiment is conducted in a lysimeter environment.

Increased wind penetration is necessary to reduce U. The U. Currently, geared doubly-fed induction generators DFIGs are typically employed in the drivetrain for conversion of mechanical to electrical energy. Yet, gearboxes account for the greatest downtime of wind turbines, decreasing reliability and contributing to loss of profit.

However, PMGs scale up in size and weight much more rapidly than DFIGs as rated power is increased, presenting significant challenges for large scale wind turbine application. Thus, size reduction techniques are needed for viability of PMGs in large scale wind turbines. Two size reduction techniques are presented.

Additionally, the use of a Halbach cylinder in an outer rotor PMG is investigated to focus magnetic flux over the rotor surface in order to increase torque.

Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation–‘Sin City Blue’

Incentives for subcontractors to adopt CO2 emission reporting and reduction techniques. We investigate the incentives for subcontractors couriers of a transport and logistics company to report about their CO 2 emissions and to implement CO 2 reducing technologies. Furthermore, we try to find out whether these incentives differ between British and Dutch couriers.

We find that several incentives play a significant role. Subcontractors in the Netherlands predominantly are extrinsically motivated to engage in CO 2 reporting and reduction techniques. This is because they are mainly driven by regulatory compliance, energy costs and implementation costs. In contrast, British subcontractors are much more intrinsically motivated to comply. They are predominantly driven by energy costs, environmental awareness, relationship building and reputation building. The contractor will have to account for these differences in making its policies work.

Full Text Available BackgroundFrontal sinus fractures, particularly anterior sinus fractures, are relatively common facial fractures. Many agree on the general principles of frontal fracture management; however, the optimal methods of reduction are still controversial. In this article, we suggest a simple reduction method using a subbrow incision as a treatment for isolated anterior sinus fractures.

MethodsBetween March and March , 13 patients with isolated frontal sinus fractures were treated by open reduction and internal fixation through a subbrow incision. The subbrow incision line was designed to be precisely at the lower margin of the brow in order to obtain an inconspicuous scar. A periosteal incision was made at 3 mm above the superior orbital rim. The fracture site of the frontal bone was reduced, and bone fixation was performed using an absorbable plate and screws.

Words for Evil | 英文Puzzle和RPG結合的益智遊戲? | Let's Play!

ResultsContour deformities were completely restored in all patients, and all patients were satisfied with the results. Scars were barely visible in the long-term follow-up. No complications related to the procedure, such as infection, uncontrolled sinus bleeding, hematoma, paresthesia, mucocele, or posterior wall and brain injury were observed. ConclusionsThe subbrow approach allowed for an accurate reduction and internal fixation of the fractures in the anterior table of the frontal sinus by providing a direct visualization of the fracture.

Considering the surgical success of the reduction and the rigid fixation, patient satisfaction, and aesthetic problems, this transcutaneous approach through a subbrow incision is concluded to be superior to the other reduction techniques used in the case of an anterior table frontal sinus fracture. MapReduce particle filtering with exact resampling and deterministic runtime. Particle filtering is a numerical Bayesian technique that has great potential for solving sequential estimation problems involving non-linear and non-Gaussian models.

Since the estimation accuracy achieved by particle filters improves as the number of particles increases, it is natural to consider as many particles as possible. MapReduce is a generic programming model that makes it possible to scale a wide variety of algorithms to Big data. However, despite the application of particle filters across many domains, little attention has been devoted to implementing particle filters using MapReduce.

In this paper, we describe an implementation of a particle filter using MapReduce. We focus on a component that what would otherwise be a bottleneck to parallel execution, the resampling component. We devise a new implementation of this component, which requires no approximations, has O N spatial complexity and deterministic O log N 2 time complexity. Results demonstrate the utility of this new component and culminate in consideration of a particle filter with particles being distributed across processor cores.

Various variance reduction techniques such as forced detection FD have been implemented in Monte Carlo MC simulation of nuclear medicine in an effort to decrease the simulation time while keeping accuracy. However most of these techniques still result in very long MC simulation times for being implemented into routine use. A variety of simulations including point and extended sources in uniform and non-uniform attenuation media, were performed to compare differences between FD and CFD versions of SlMlND modeling for I radionuclide and camera configurations.

Results: Different simulations using the CFD method agree very well with experimental measurements as well as FD version. With the current implementation of CFD, simulation times were approximately times shorter with similar accuracy and image quality compared with FD MC. Development of volume reduction treatment techniques for low level radioactive wastes. It has become an important subject to reduce the quantity of generation of radioactive wastes and how to reduce the volume of generated wastes.

As the result of the research aiming at the development of the solidified bodies which are excellent in the effect of volume reduction and physical properties, it was confirmed that the plastic solidified bodies using thermosetting resin were superior to conventional cement or asphalt solidification. The plastic solidifying system can treat various radioactive wastes.

After radioactive wastes are dried and powdered, they are solidified with plastics, therefore, the effect of volume reduction is excellent. The specific gravity, strength and the resistance to water, fire and radiation were confirmed to be satisfacotory. The plastic solidifying system comprises three subsystems, that is, drying system, powder storing and supplying system and plastic solidifying system. Also the granulation technique after drying and powdering, acid decomposition technique , the microwave melting and solidifying technique for incineration ash, plasma melting process and electrolytic polishing decontamination are described.

Kako, I. Dose- reduction techniques for high-dose worker groups in nuclear power plants. This report summarizes the main findings of a study of the extent of radiation dose received by special work groups in the nuclear power industry. Work groups which chronically get large doses were investigated, using information provided by the industry. The tasks that give high doses to these work groups were examined and techniques described that were found to be particularly successful in reducing dose.

Quantitative information on the extent of radiation doses to various work groups shows that significant numbers of workers in several critical groups receive doses greater than 1 and even 2 rem per year, particularly contract personnel and workers at BWR-type plants. The number of radiation workers whose lifetime dose is greater than their age is much less. Although the techniques presented would go some way in reducing dose, it is likely that a sizeable reduction to the high-dose work groups may require development of new dose- reduction techniques as well as major changes in procedures.

Full Text Available This paper presents a novel threshold-compensation technique for multi-stage voltage multipliers employed in low power applications such as passive and autonomous wireless sensing nodes WSNs powered by energy harvesters. The proposed threshold- reduction technique enables a topological design methodology which, through an optimum control of the trade-off among transistor conductivity and leakage losses, is aimed at maximizing the voltage conversion efficiency VCE for a given ac input signal and physical chip area occupation.

The conducted simulations positively assert the validity of the proposed design methodology, emphasizing the exploitable design space yielded by the transistor connection scheme in the voltage multiplier chain. An experimental validation and comparison of threshold-compensation techniques was performed, adopting 2N N-channel junction field effect transistors JFETs for the realization of the voltage multiplier prototypes.

The attained measurements clearly support the effectiveness of the proposed threshold- reduction approach, which can significantly reduce the chip area occupation for a given target output performance and ac input signal. This paper presents a novel threshold-compensation technique for multi-stage voltage multipliers employed in low power applications such as passive and autonomous wireless sensing nodes WSNs powered by energy harvesters.

Full Text Available AbstractIn this work, we present a highly-accurate technique of model order reduction applied to staged processes. The proposed method reduces the dimension of the original system based on null values of moment-weighted sums of heat and mass balance residuals on real stages. To compute these sums of weighted residuals, a discrete form of Gauss-Lobatto quadrature was developed, allowing a high degree of accuracy in these calculations. The locations where the residuals are cancelled vary with time and operating conditions, characterizing a desirable adaptive nature of this technique.

Balances related to upstream and downstream devices such as condenser, reboiler, and feed tray of a distillation column are considered as boundary conditions of the corresponding difference-differential equations system. The chosen number of moments is the dimension of the reduced model being much lower than the dimension of the complete model and does not depend on the size of the original model.

Scaling of the discrete independent variable related with the stages was crucial for the computational implementation of the proposed method, avoiding accumulation of round-off errors present even in low-degree polynomial approximations in the original discrete variable. Dynamical simulations of distillation columns were carried out to check the performance of the proposed model order reduction technique.

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SERVICES Class 35 1 online retail store services featuring downloadable music and videos and a wide variety of consumer goods namely air freshener and deodorizer, phonograph records featuring music, pre-recorded CDs, video tapes, laser disks and DVDs featuring music, downloadable audio and video recordings featuring music, phone case, jewelry, namely, earrings, necklaces and ornamental pins made of non precious metal, stickers, tote bags, glass nug jar, clothing, namely, shirts, caps, top namely blouses, bottoms namely pants, shorts, t-shirts, fleece shirts, hoodies, tank tops, knitted hats, scarves and socks, small toys, cigarette rolling paper.

Class 41 2 Presentation of live musical performances; providing a website featuring blogs in the field of music and entertainment; entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable prerecorded music, videos in the field of music, information in the field of music, and commentary and articles about music, all on-line via a global computer network namely Internet.

Image Description Vienna One line or one band. Backgrounds divided into two, horizontally. Letters or numerals representing a heavenly body or a natural phenomenon. Goods Sealants for driveways, sealants for roofs, sealants for joints, general purpose sealants. SERVICES Restaurant, bar, tavern, cocktail lounge and nightclub services; casinos; hotel and resort services; providing temporary accommodations to clients of a hotel or resort; lounge services; night clubs; spa services for health and wellness; body care services namely, massages and rubs, back massages, body massages, deep tissue body massages, full body massages, foot massages, arm and hand massages, facial massages, hair removal waxing, body wraps, body masks, body scrubs, body soaks, mud masks, sauna, steam showers, Vichy shower massages, facials, microdermabrasions, and esthetic services.

Goods Computer games; downloadable electronic games; video games; interactive multimedia computer games; video games for use on mobile phones, tablets and other electronic mobile devices; computer games downloadable to mobile phones, tablets and other electronic mobile devices; computer application software, namely computer games; high performance computer hardware with specialized features for enhanced game playing ability. SERVICES 1 Financial services, namely the provision of specialist advice in the field of real estate financing; Managing investment funds in the field of real estate; Financial investments in the field of real estate; Investment of funds for others; Capital investment services; Capital fund management services; capital investment in real estate; Investment management and administration services; Financial risk management services; Financial planning, management, investment management and consultation in the field of real estate.

SERVICES 1 Financial services, namely the provision of specialist advice in the field of real estate financing; Managing investment funds in the field of real estate; Financial investments in the field of real estate; Investment of funds for others; Capital investment services; Capital fund management services; capital investment in real estate; Investment management and administration services; Financial risk management services; Real estate property management services; leasing of real estate on behalf of others; leasing of office space on behalf of others; leasing of industrial, commercial and manufacturing space on behalf of others; leasing of retail and shopping centre space on behalf of others; Condominium corporation management and condominium property management services; Leasing of apartments on behalf of others; Building and landscape maintenance and repair services.

Image Description Vienna Two lines or bands. The Chinese mark has no meaning in any language to the applicant's knowledge. Image Description Vienna Telecommunication, television, sound recording or sound reproduction apparatus and equipment, computers. Recording tapes, cassettes for recording tapes. Segments of circles or ellipses except More than two circles or ellipses, inside one another, spirals.

Goods Computer software for composing music and for creating and editing musical recordings; computer software featuring musical sound recordings for entertainment purposes, namely digital music downloadable from internet and downloadable music files; downloadable software in the form of a mobile application for composing music and for creating and editing musical recordings; downloadable software via Internet and wireless devices for composing music and for creating and editing musical recordings.

Goods Class 09 1 Computer hardware, computer software, namely, computer games; downloadable software applications apps , namely in the form of games, cartoons, animated television and online shows, animated movies; computer games for use on mobile and cellular phones, tablets and computers; pre-recorded CDs and DVDs containing computer games, cartoons, animated television or online shows, animated movies; tablet computers, mobile phones, cellular phones, portable computers, handheld computers; eyewear, namely eyeglasses, sunglasses; magnetically encoded plastic debit, credit, and phone cards, cards for use as credit cards, charge cards; bank cards being encoded, magnetic and machine readable; magnetically encoded, machine readable gift cards; cases adapted for mobile phones, sunglasses, eyewear, computers, electronic tablets, contact lenses; parts for use with computer hardware and computer games;.

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Class 16 2 Paper, cardboard, writing apparatus and stationery, namely paint brushes, pens and pencils; calendars; adhesive printed stickers; birthday cards, greeting cards, blank cards namely, correspondence cards, blank greeting cards, blank birthday cards, blank thank you cards and blank note cards, gift cards, note cards, trading cards other than for games; colouring books, crayons, pens, pencils; booklets, printed matter for use with games, namely, guides to computer games; magazines, periodicals, posters;.

Class 25 3 Clothing, namely, t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, children's shirts, golf shirts, dress shirts, jackets, socks, underwear, pyjamas, nightwear, swimsuits, singlets, vests, jeans, sweatpants, shorts; footwear, namely, running shoes, casual shoes, sandals; headgear, namely baseball hats, golf hats, knit hats, sun hats;. Class 28 4 Toys and playthings, namely baby toys, beach toys, educational toys, electronic action toys, mechanical toys, musical toys, pet toys, small toys, squeeze toys, stuffed toys; battery-powered computer game with screen, electronic game consoles, handheld computer games; coin-operated amusement electronic games; card games, board games, playing cards, trading card games, printed lottery scratch cards; decorations for Christmas trees, party novelties namely, paper party hats, party balloons, party favours, party games and party hats, toy figures, play figures, plush figures toys ;.

Class 42 2 Design and development of computer hardware and software; rental of computer software; updating of computer software; development of computer software application solutions; hosting of software as a service SaaS in the field of computer games; online provision of web-based software, namely for the creation and provision of web pages and non-downloadable software to and for others, maintenance of computer software; rental of games software; repair of computer software; software as a service SaaS in the field of computer gaming; software creation; advisory and consultancy services relating to the design and development of computer hardware and software; provision of information relating to the design and development of computer hardware and software; non-downloadable computer games streamed over the Internet.

Goods Clothing, namely dresses, bridal gowns, bridal wear, bridesmaids gowns, flower girl gowns boleros, fur jackets, jackets, shawls, formal evening wear, debutante gowns, cocktail dresses, evening wear, bras, corsets, chemises, lingerie, stockings, hosiery, leggings, garters, girdles, petticoats, bath robes, bodysuits, pyjamas, sleep masks, slimming underwear, underclothing for women, men's formal wear, tuxedos, neckties, vests, gloves; bridal clothing accessories, namely veils, bridal sashes and belts; Headwear, namely bridal headwear, bridal headpieces, headbands, hats, millinery; Footwear, namely bridal shoes, evening footwear, dress shoes, high heels.

Goods Printing and photographic materials for use in the fields of printing and photography namely paper, plastic or film based media used as a printing substrate in inkjet printers, namely, paper substrates onto which digital images are printed, transparent, opaque and translucent films, adhesive plastic; mounting film for mounting photographs and posters to substrates. Goods nail products in the form of nail lacquer, nail polishes, fingernail topcoats and fingernail bottom coats, nail brushes, body beauty products, namely massage oils, body lotions and body scrubs.

Goods decorative flakes for use in coatings for commercial, industrial and residential flooring. Goods Class 05 2 pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of cancer; radiopharmaceuticals and radioactive pharmaceutical preparations for medical purposes for the treatment of cancer; radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer; drug delivery agents for delivery of radioactive materials to target sites within the body for the treatment of cancer; beads, namely, microscopic radioactive beads for treatment of cancerous tumours; radioactive glass beads. Class 10 1 radiotherapy apparatus for delivery of radiopharmaceuticals and radioactive material to target sites within the body; surgical and medical apparatus and instruments for delivery of radiopharmaceuticals and radioactive material to target sites within the body; radioactive beads, namely, radioactive glass beads administered for treatment of cancerous tumours; medical devices, apparatus, and instruments for treating cancer, namely, medical devices, apparatus and instruments for use in transarterial chemoembolization.

Goods surgical instruments for use in joint replacement knee surgery. Goods Clothing, namely, t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants, sweatpants, shorts, skirts, dresses, jackets, coats, vests, underwear, undergarments, bras, socks, bodysuits, leotards, tights, leggings, leg warmers; headwear, namely, hats, caps, toques, visors, headbands, bandanas; clothing accessories, namely, belts, scarves, shawls, shoulder wraps, arm warmers, mittens, gloves; accessories, namely, handbags, mesh bags, fanny packs, water bottle carriers, messenger bags, cosmetic bags, athletic gym bags, sport bags, beach bags, backpacks, tote bags, yoga mats, yoga mat straps, cloth towels, water bottles.

SERVICES Retail store services featuring clothing, apparel, clothing accessories, headwear, socks, yoga equipment, athletic equipment, bags, backpacks, tote bags, pre-recorded DVDs featuring topics relating to yoga instruction, yoga philosophy, exercise and healthy living; online retail store services featuring clothing, apparel, clothing accessories, headwear, socks, yoga equipment, athletic equipment, bags, backpacks, tote bags, pre-recorded DVDs featuring topics relating to yoga instruction, yoga philosophy, exercise and healthy living.

Image Description Vienna Surfaces or backgrounds covered with a repeated inscription. Class 27 3 carpets, doormats, linoleum and other floor covering materials, namely, vinyl floor covering, rubber floor covering; non-textile wall hangings; gymnastic mats; artificial grass; automobile rug; floor covering, namely, vinyl floor coverings; vinyl wall coverings; rubber wall coverings, linoleum flooring; artificial turf for laying on the surfaces of recreational areas.

Class 38 2 operation of medical databases for third parties in the field of detecting and analyzing human activities and falls. Image Description Vienna Mathematical signs. Mathematical signs combined with figures or letters. Quadrilaterals containing one or more numerals. The words "App of the day" are in deep blue, against a pale blue background. Image Description Vienna Crosses formed by intersecting lines. Blue for the part of the design made up of three points superimposed onto the design shaped like a stylized letter X, above the three first letters of the word EVOLUTION, said part of the design being in white in the black and white representation of the mark, attached to the registration application.

Goods 1 Cattle, sheep, pig, horse, goat, and rabbit semen. Computer software containing mathematical algorithms and indices for measuring, analyzing, and evaluating data collected from the reproductive material of cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats, and rabbits and transmitting said data to the breeder; computer software for monitoring the health of cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats, and rabbits. Cattle embryos; sheep embryos; pig embryos; horse embryos; goat embryos; rabbit embryos living. SERVICES 1 Retail or wholesale of genetic products, namely cattle sperm, sheep sperm, pig sperm, horse sperm, goat sperm, rabbit sperm for artificial insemination and in particular for in vitro fertilization; retail or wholesale of computer software embedded in animal reproductive material.

Genetic research services, in particular in the field of the artificial insemination of cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats, rabbits. Animal breeding, namely of cattle, pigs, horses, goats, rabbits; artificial insemination and embryo transplantation. Goods 1 Electric pumps, camping furniture, folding camp cots, chairs, outdoor furniture, hammocks, inflatable mattresses for use when camping, sleeping bags, insulated bags for food and beverages for domestic use, soft cooler bags, bottles sold empty, travel pillows, neck supporting pillows.

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Goods 1 Chemical additives for use in the manufacture of food; 2 Dietary fiber and nutritional fiber supplements for use in the manufacture of food and supplements. Goods Suppositories, oral analgesics, topical analgesics, antacids, antihistamines, cough syrups, cough-expectorants, cough drops, decongestant capsules, decongestant nasal spray, eye drops, laxatives, sleeping tablets, vitamin and mineral supplements, topical antibiotic creams and ointments, topical preparations for the treatment of alopecia, medicated smoking cessation gums and lozenges, pharmaceuticals for treating vaginal infections, topical pharmaceutical and medical preparations, medical gels and creams for the treatment of pruritus; personal lubricants; printed material, namely, pamphlets, flyers, brochures, banners, and reports featuring the subject of healthcare and healthcare products.

Monograms formed of intertwined, overlapping or otherwise combined letters. Goods Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water, namely, hovercrafts, airplanes, and boats and parts and fittings therefor; bicycles and parts and fittings therefor; motorbikes and parts and fittings therefor; all-terrain vehicles and parts and fittings therefor; motorcycles and parts and fittings therefor; clothing, namely, shirts, pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, crop tops, fleece tops, halter tops, hooded tops, knitted tops, shorts, skirts; clothing for sports, namely, shirts, pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, crop tops, fleece tops, halter tops, hooded tops, knitted tops, shorts, skirts; cloth bibs; jerseys; shoes; socks; hats; caps; gloves; gloves for cyclists; riding gloves; sporting articles and equipment, namely, rings, cones, speed ladders, coaching sticks, training arches, ankle bands, resistance chutes, hurdles, stationary bicycles; games and playthings, namely, memory games, parlor games; gymnastic articles, namely, bars for gymnastics.

SERVICES Education services, namely, providing classes, seminars, workshops in the field of cycling competitions; entertainment services, namely, organizing and conducting athletic competitions and games in the field of cycling and triathlons; entertainment services, namely, participation in sporting events, namely, athletic competitions and games in the field of cycling and triathlons; organizing community cultural and sporting activities; sporting services, namely, organizing sporting events in the nature of triathlons. Image Description Vienna Stains, spots, blots.

The words 'Novocol Healthcare' and the two shapes on the left side of the circular design are blue, and the two shapes on the right side of the circular design are purple. SERVICES 1 Consulting services to assist companies with obtaining regulatory compliance and licenses for pharmaceuticals and medical devices 2 Contract manufacturing of clinical batches of pharmaceuticals; consulting services relating to pharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical evaluation and testing, regulatory registration, stability studies, method development, formal stability, registration batches and commercial production; formulation development services, namely the formulation of new dosage forms and the reformulation of existing drug products; clinical trial services, namely managing clinical studies to fast track drug products to market.

Image Description Vienna Clouds, fog, vapor, smoke. Goods 1 Pillow cases. Goods Agricultural seeds, namely, brussel sprout flowering kale hybrid. Wilson Rd. Goods Class 01 Chemical additives for use in oil and gas well stimulation. Image Description Vienna Other irregular parallelograms, trapezia and quadrilaterals, quadrilaterals containing one or more rounded corners.

Backgrounds divided into two, diagonally. Goods 1 Sports team numbers, letters, patches and emblems that can be sewn or transferred onto apparel with the application of heat. Goods skin care preparations; bath and shower preparations; perfumery; fragrances, namely perfume and cologne. Goods 1 cocktail mixes 2 cocktail syrups 3 cocktail bitters 4 ready to drink alcoholic cocktails 5 ready to drink non-alcoholic cocktails 6 cocktail barware and glassware.

Goods Class 29 Fruit purees; processed fruit, namely fruit based snack food. Goods Food supplements for relief of joint pain, maintaining strong bones and contributing to the collagen formation for the operation of the cartilage; vitamin preparations, dietetic supplements for relief of joint pain, maintaining strong bones and contributing to the collagen formation for the operation of the cartilage, food and beverage supplements for relief of joint pain, maintaining strong bones and contributing to the collagen formation for the operation of the cartilage.

SERVICES Embroidery, metal casting, sewing, engraving, screen printing, pad printing services and commercial graphic design, logo design corporate identity , computer graphics, namely for creating computer graphic images, computer graphics digitization services and infographic services, commercial and promotional marketing for third parties, graphic design and design of advertising material for third parties, commercial promotion and sales promotion services for third parties, promotion and advertising services for third parties, distribution of advertising, marketing, and promotional materials for third parties, promotional publications for third parties.

Sale, design, promotion of third parties' goods, namely sporting articles, glassware, housewares, toys, stationery, foods, apparel, pharmaceuticals, jewellery, electronic and computer accessories, and travel items. Class 15 3 Foot switches and effects pedals for use with electrical musical instruments; foot pedals and foot switches for processing, amplifying and distorting sound for use with musical instruments; sustain pedals, expression pedals, delay pedals, all being electronic effects pedals for use with musical instruments; parts and fittings for musical instrument amplifiers; parts and fittings for foot pedals for processing, amplifying and distorting sound for use with musical instruments; parts and fittings for foot controllers and foot switches for processing, amplifying and distorting sound for use with musical instruments.

Trademark Description The trade-mark consists of a three-dimensional configuration of a single rib molded into the top of the protective helmet. The broken lines shown in the drawing are present for the purposes of showing how the mark appears on the applicant's goods only and are not part of the mark. Goods Class 09 Protective helmets, namely safety hats and safety caps.

Image Description Vienna Electrical equipment. Quadrilaterals containing other figurative elements. The letter "O" in the word "OnDemand" is in the form of an "On" button. The words are on a blue background with an oval border in white with silver shading. Goods Computer hardware; electrical and electronic apparatus for the storage, input and display of data, namely, digital input and output scanners, Point of Sale terminals, electronic payment terminals, payment kiosks used to purchase goods and services and as in-store video display terminals, parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods; prerecorded tapes, cassettes and discs featuring information about software platforms for retail and hospitality business management; computer software, namely, software for the management of websites, including the management of customer-facing content such as marketing campaigns, product promotion and loyalty rewards and including inventory and order management for retail and hospitality businesses; printed matter, namely, brochures, instructional manuals, newsletters, bulletins, magazines.

Image Description Vienna Rectangles. Both words are in white on a dark blue background with an oval border in white. Image Description Vienna Sun rising or setting. Semi-circles or semi-ellipses with dark surface. Goods 1 white sugar 2 brown sugar 3 white rice 4 parboiled rice 5 basmati rice 6 coconut oil. Image Description Vienna Precious stones. Representative for Service D. SERVICES Management services for information technology, namely computer hardware and computer software in the fields of internet communication, local and wide area networks, wireless networking, data storage, telecommunications, and associated business process management; infrastructure consulting services for information technology, namely computer hardware and computer software in the fields of internet communication, local and wide area networks, wireless networking, data storage, telecommunications, and associated business process management.

Goods Precious metals and their alloys; jewellery and jewellery of precious metal and stones; precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments namely, chronometers, watches, clocks and pocket watches and parts therefore; imitation jewellery, charms in precious metals or coated therewith, medals, picture frames, jewellery pins; cuff links, tie pins. Image Description Vienna Red, pink, orange. The colour pink is claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of the word "EVO" in lowercase pink letters. Goods essential oils as perfume for laundry purposes; essential oils for aromatherapy; essential oils for personal use; antistatic dryer sheets; antistatic spray for clothing; antistatic spray for grooming; fabric softeners for laundry use, bleaching preparations for laundry use, cosmetics, air freshener, beauty masks, cakes of soap not for personal use, detergents for household use, all-purpose cleaning preparations, shampoos, hair nourishers, hair styling preparations, cosmetic cleansing creams, soaps for personal use, dentifrices, shampoos for pets, cosmetics for pets.

Goods Class 07 1 separators centrifuges for separation of particles in fluids and gas; heat exchangers parts of machines ; gas purifier; exhaust gas filter systems for combustion engines, boiling vessels and boilers; exhaust gas filter systems for maritime use and ships.

Class 09 3 computers; steering, monitoring and control systems for wet and dry scrubber systems for exhaust gas filter systems; steering, monitoring and control systems for wet and dry scrubber systems for exhaust gas filter systems for combustion engines, boiling vessels and boilers; steering, monitoring and control systems for wet and dry scrubber systems for exhaust gas filter systems for maritime use and ships.

Class 11 2 heat exchangers; filters for exhaust emission control; boilers; apparatus for purifying of gas; filters for purifying of gas parts of maritime or industrial installations. SERVICES Class 37 repair, maintenance and installation of dry and wet scrubber systems for exhaust gas filter systems; installation, repair and maintenance services for separators centrifuges , heat exchangers, gas purifiers, boilers, exhaust gas filter systems, filters for removing emissions from exhaust streams.

Goods Class 10 Medical apparatus, namely, a handheld device for insertion in the oral cavity for oral stimulation and oral hygiene that treats dysphagia. Goods Class 03 1 Cosmetic soaps, cosmetics. Class 05 2 Pharmaceutical and dermatological preparations for treating and preventing dry skin, restoring the skin barrier, and stimulating the synthesis of the skin's acid mantle; dermo-cosmetic preparations for the cleaning and care of the skin, for treating and preventing dry skin, for restoring the skin barrier, and for stimulating the synthesis of the skin's acid mantle.

Image Description Vienna Circles. The mark consists of a design of two interlocking circles forming a swirling pattern, with the outer circle being comprised of a thick blue band and the inner circle being comprised of a thin red band. Goods 1 Chemicals used in industry and science, namely, surface coatings for use in building decoration, surface protection, the marine industry, the industrial container industry and the yacht industry; tempering and soldering chemicals; Sequestrants for paints, chemical additives for paint; chemicals for use in removing paints; chemical preparations for the manufacture of paints; polyester filler paste; putties and fillers and pastes for use in building decoration, surface protection, the marine industry, the industrial container industry and the yacht industry.

SERVICES 1 Building construction; building repair; building installation services; Painting for others; service and repair and maintenance of painting machines and apparatus; Painting and surface treatment services; surface repair and touch-up services; installation services, namely, painting and repair of ships and ship tanks. Image Description Vienna Blue. The colour blue is claimed as a feature of the trade-mark.

Quadrilaterals containing one or more other geometrical figures -- Note: Including quadrilaterals containing bent or straight lines except Black, dark yellow, and light yellow. Goods 1 Snow plows, sub frames for snow plows, deicing knives, bale grapples, stone forks, forklifts, buckets, manure and silage forks, bale spears, attachment equipment, namely lifting systems for snow removal equipment and handling equipment.

Goods Floss packs, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, reusable water bottles, drinking water, coffee mugs, thermal coffee mugs; lunch bags, shipping bags, hats, shirts, pens, banners, flags, tents; letterhead, mailers, namely, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, newsletters, party balloons, stickers, name tags, uniforms for medical and dental personnel.

SERVICES The operation of a dental clinic; dental services, namely, general dentistry and dental services, namely, comprehensive dental care and dental services; providing information in the field of dental health via in-office media, namely, printed material, brochures, radio, pre-recorded DVD's and audio tapes for use in dental offices.

Image Description Vienna Plans, schematic drawings, diagrams, curves, outlines. Set of lines evoking sound or electromagnetic waves. UK on goods. Getta helmet! Got a brain?

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Get a helmet! Goods outerwear clothing, namely, t-shirts, hooded jackets, hooded sweatshirts, sweatshirts, jackets, windbreakers, and ball caps; helmets that are designed for safety and injury prevention in various activities that may include cycling, skiing, skating, rollerblading as well as all other contact sports and off road motor vehicle usage that may include ATV's, snowmobiles and motorbikes; books and other print material, namely, newsletters, stickers, business cards, magazine inserts, posters, pictures and other advertising and marketing materials, namely, pamphlets, booklets, reference guides, bulletins, and brochures; pens, coffee mugs, key chains, badges, stress balls, fridge magnets and other marketing goods, namely, banners, cups and decorative magnets.

SERVICES 1 Education courses for enters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 2 walk-with services, namely coaching renters and landlords in the field of developing good landlord and tenant relations by helping navigate and address tenancy issues; 3 impact evaluation of education courses provided to renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 4 providing an interactive websiteto for educating renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 5 providing online education for renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy;; 6 developing education materials for renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 7 publishing of electronic publications to educate renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 8 publishing of printed publications to educate renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy;.

SERVICES 1 education courses for renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 2 walk-with services, namely coaching renters and landlords in the field of developing good landlord and tenant relations by helping navigate and address tenancy issues; 3 impact evaluation of education courses provided to renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 4 providing an interactive website for educating renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 5 providing online education for renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 6 developing education materials for renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 7 publishing of electronic publications to educate renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 8 publishing of printed publications to educate renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy;.

Image Description Vienna Crowns open at the top.