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My friends dog was first. It was easy to do and was amazing. That proves to me that this process was not subconsciously self created. I recently did this with my dog. It was a little bit harder to connect, but the process of getting to her, while in meditation, was very telling. Very weird, but very beautiful. She has always loved me. But I believe now when She looks at me she has a different look in her eye.

Your personal experience will. My dog is lost now for 9 days.

Busting the Animal Communication Myths

How do I show him way back home. He is a very very loveable dog. I enter our house and quadbikes came by and he is very scared of any loud noise, because he is used to cuddles and soft talking to him. He ran off. Was seen yesterday by other people. I've been on the road looking for him for more than 6 hours a day? Can I get help please? Intuitive Training. Spiritual Psychology. Parenting from Soul. Empath Empowerment. Energy Anatomy. This Web Site, its Materials and Content including any information provided by users is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional financial, medical, psychological, legal, or other advice.

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Add to Wishlist. USD 5. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. This offer is to help promote the book and to enhance your ability to communicate with your animals! Whether you want to become a pet psychic or connect better with your animals at home, this E-Book has a very simple approach to telepathy, the transference of pictures, words and feelings.

It is broken down to its most basic form. The book also covers how a communication session could be structured. Topics also include ethics and etiquette for connecting with people and animals in an intimate and intuitive setting. Animal Communication , Simple steps for Communicating with Animals also offers lots of exercises to get started communicating with animals at home.

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