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Passing the Patent Bar A Study Guide for the USPTO Registration Examination with Practice Tests

Everything you need to pass the patent bar exam. PHONE Get access to us during regular business hours and often outside of them as well simply by calling! No time restrictions. We can usually help you sort it out. Test takers are normally told to report to the testing facility no later than a. The computerized exams typically start then, but the exact Prometric testing center you take the exam at will provide you with the specifics when you schedule your test date.

Prior to the day of the test, you should locate the test facility. Be sure you know exactly how to get there on exam day. Also search for the bathrooms, parking spaces, a place to eat lunch and anything else you can think of. Of course, eat a good breakfast the morning of the test and have access to a good lunch.

If you do plan to travel for lunch, keep track of the time and arrive back early to finish your exam.

Patent Bar Exam Overview

Also, try to stretch out and look away for a moment or two during the exam. Short breaks are necessary to help you focus. Keep in mind that the temperature in the testing room may not be a comfortable 70 degrees. You may want to bring a light sweater or jacket. Another possibility is that you might become distracted with the noise of people at other computer terminals.

Tips for the Patent Bar Exam from MSL Alumni | MSL

You may want to consider bringing in sound-deadening earphones or ear-plugs on test day if you get easily distracted. The official result will be mailed out to you within a week or two. The computer will provide you with your exact score only if you fail. One last point to make is that an individual who fails the exam may inspect the questions marked as wrong in a scheduled review session at a later date.

You can schedule a date and time by contacting the Prometric facility you took the exam from. Review sessions must take place within 65 days after taking the exam. If you do fail the exam, you may re-take it and you will only need to pay the Prometric testing fee for the re-take. You will not need to pay the application fees or go through the application process again.

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Therefore, the PTO attempts to make this test difficult. In addition, those who spend a decent amount of time studying as well as those who did not are also mixed into the results. Ninety days is not enough time for everyone. Many people have jobs, families, and other responsibilities in the days leading up to the exam. This is why we stress the importance of studying before applying to take the exam.

In the event you cannot start studying before you apply, just realize that you may have to take the exam more than once. This is often the price you pay to have the piece of mind that comes from getting the acceptance letter first. All these difficulties aside, if you take the time to really learn the material, learn the structure of the MPEP, and familiarize yourself with previous exam questions, you will be in the best position possible to get a passing score. The rest is for copyright and trademark attorneys to know.

Patent Bar: Everything You Need to Know

In addition to the MPEP, the patent bar also often covers supplemental materials. These are typically material that will be added into a future edition or revision of the MPEP, but have not made their way into it yet. Between 35 U. You will need to know very specific details about these laws and rules in order to pass the patent bar exam. It lists them, defines them, and discusses them … exhaustively.

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One thing to keep in mind is that the MPEP was written to establish the specifics of patent law not only for patent practitioners, but for PTO examiners as well examiners are employees at the Patent and Trademark Office who determine whether or not a patent application should become a full-fledged patent. Fortunately, there are sections of the MPEP that really only pertain to examiners and are never tested on the Patent Bar exam. Therefore, you do not need to know every law or rule or even every chapter of the MPEP to the same extent some are tested much more often.

In addition, the MPEP is also filled with forms used by patent practitioners or inventors when filing patent applications. As you can see, you can easily cut out quite a bit out of the MPEP when preparing for the exam, but what is left is still a fairly tall and daunting heap of paperwork. Another point to make is that the MPEP is not set in stone. As we touched on earlier, as the laws, rules, and forms change, newer editions of the MPEP are published.

The PTO constantly makes adjustments and refines the laws and rules. They make errors and often the updates simply correct them. The source materials essentially serve as an agreement as to exactly what the exam covers at the particular time you take it. Fortunately, the PTO is slow to update the Patent Bar exam to reflect new material they will post a notice days before they update the exam. Even the basic fundamentals of patent law change over time.

The area of biotechnology is a prime example. Two decades ago, the field of biotechnology was in its early stages, but now it has exploded. The PTO has been busy adjusting their laws and rules to keep up with the changes in this area of rapidly changing technology. Now that the America Invents Act AIA has been implemented there have been over a dozen new supplements added that will be incorporated into the MPEP, adding hundreds if not thousands of new pages along with at least one entirely new chapter Chapter which covers Supplemental Examination.

The MPEP is growing, which is a very scary thought. Once you get into the field of patent law, you will need to keep this in mind. There will always be a new manual to purchase and become familiar with throughout your career. Since the Patent Bar exam is based on the MPEP, the material you need to know in order to pass the exam is very accessible. The one rather large glitch is that the MPEP is thousands of pages in length and is written in rambling legal language.

It does not differentiate between tested material and that which is unnecessary for the exam. Therefore, a review course or other prep material will only be beneficial to you. Taking a proven review course will save you a lot of time and frustration. That means you can spend your time more wisely, like searching for your new job or spending time doing the things you enjoy.

When searching for a review course or other study tools, be sure the materials are created by an actual patent practitioner and that they are up-to-date. The PES Review is a well-structured, convenient program.

Repeat Questions

You will not need to travel or take time off from work and may even study from the convenience of your own home. Section 1. Computerized Exam Sessions. Section 2.

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Section 3. Nothing else may be utilized during the examination. Prometric Sample Tutorial. As you will see, the computerized format itself is really nothing to be anxious about.