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Agamben's unique blending of literary theory, continental philosophy, political thought, religious studies, literature and art makes him one of the most challenging thinkers of our time. Matthew he played the part of Philip , Italo Calvino with whom he collaborated, for a short while, as counsellor of the publishing house Einaudi and developed plans for a journal. In the Homo Sacer series, Agamben responds to Hannah Arendt's and Foucault's studies of totalitarianism and biopolitics.

The finished manuscript was, for various reasons, never published. Ahmed has for several years now been at work on a book tentatively titled "Reflections on a Hagiography. Her maininterests lie in writing and directing. In these works, domains once believed to have been exclusive to one people, gender, race, or class are re-examined and shown to have involved others. She is considered one of the finest poets of her generation. In she was poet in residence at Al Quds University and lived in the walled city of Jerusalem.

During that time she wrote a cycle of poems. Her mother is Mexicana and her father is Cubano. She has worked in Higher Education and in K education for 25 years, as well as being a full-time artist and lecturer. Alvarez is a self-taught artist - primarily a painter who has also created large-scale public art.

Alvarez has worked extensively with youth in creating murals and cultural awareness. You can find her complete works here: www. He has exhibited internationally in Malaysia , Singapore and various locations around London and the UK. He has participated in a well known exhibition which took place at the Foto8 SummerShow at Host Gallery in Old Street , London and in addition he has exhibited in several group exhibitions in selected galleries throughout Europe and Asia.

Since he is working as a freelance photojournalist. In , her short story, The Race La gara was published in the book Migrantemente, and in , the Italian publishing house La Meridiana collected her writings from fifteen years of experience with immigrants in the book Next: Stories Suspended Between Bureaucracy and Immigration Avanti il prossimo, storie sospese tra burocrazia e immigrazione. Since , Maria Rosaria is part of the Committee for Autobiographical Readings at the University of Anghiari where she teaches workshops ofnautobiographical writing.

She participates in the Theatre of the Oppressed and collaborates with various online magazines.

John Milton

Amit R. Baishya Amit R. He is currently completing a book manuscript on violence, terror and survival in fictions from Northeast India. Saad Basir Saad Basir is an independent writer and photographer. He is based in London and travels frequently as a regular contributor to several South Asian publications.

He studied advertising at the Academy of Fine Arts and worked for various magazines and newspapers in Kinshasa. Soon after, he launched the Kin-Label which has published 21 graphic novels so far. He is also an occasional columnist for the Progressive Media Project, an initiative of The Progressive magazine, through which his op-eds appear in newspapers across the United States.

He lives in Brooklyn. Her written work focuses on covering political events and providing context and analysis, developing sociological and materialist perspectives on pop culture, and chronicling her experiences as a Xicana feminist. After writing her MA thesis on South Sudan and working for various media and non-governmental organizations in France and overseas, she spent six months as a freelance journalist in Sudan in She is currently pursuing a degree at the Sciences Po Journalism School while working for a documentary production company in Paris.

She occasionally writes for francophone and anglophone publications. Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, a native of Los Angeles, California, is a poet and essayist inspired by her own history and the diverse culture of her city. He went on to teach the subject for eight years.

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Next, he devoted his time himself to writing and painting. His novels have been translated in over ten different languages. He lived in New York from to , where his paintings are part of the permanent collection of the Guggenheim Museum. He returned to Marrakesh in Anthony Bourdain Anthony Bourdain is an American chef, author, and television personality. He is well known for his book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, and since he has hosted the Travel Channel's culinary and cultural adventure programs Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and The Layover.

In the early s he founded WideAngle, a small professional studio focusing on architectural, environmental and advertising assignments. His architectural work has been published in the New York Times, the International Ove Arup Journal and the Architectural Review as well as in many books and articles and online. Between and he was the main photographic contributor to The Zimbabwean Review and in his work appeared in the 28th edition of Revue Noire.

Apart from being a writer, he is also a consultant for several European organizations regarding multimedia communication and socio-cultural cooperation with countries of the South. He is Professor of Luso-Brazilian Studies at Bristol University, UK, with a specialist interest in postcolonial literatures in Portuguese, comparative literature, and literary translation. Follow him on Twitter at michaelkbusch. He lives in Sesto San Giovanni and works in Milan since He has provided journalism and photography training to various groups in Timor-Leste and abroad, including young refugees in Kibondo, Tanzania.

Most of his photographs focus on social justice and human rights. He recently launched an online digital photography library of Timor-Leste www. He is currently based in New York City with his wife and two children. With major grants from the Ford and Rockefeller foundations, the World Bank, and the Norwegian Agency for Development, Cantalupo co-chaired Against All Odds: African Languages and Literatures into the 21st Century , a seven-day conference and festival devoted to African languages and literatures, held in Asmara, Eritrea.

Her thesis explores early travel narratives written in African languages during the late nineteenth century publication pending. As a specialist in African literatures, she writes for various magazines and hosts literary events and roundtables. He investigates and writes on themes linked to Human Rights and State violence in the twentieth century. He is currently working at an internet startup, GetGlue and is an amateur filmmaker.

Mia Couto has been awarded several important literary prizes. She is interested in representations of violence and conflict, nonviolent approaches to addressing injustices, and interrogating normative modes of understanding identities, conflicts and the possibilities of political activism. Javed Dar Javed Dar was born in Anantnag, Kashmir, some 55 kilometers south of capital city, Srinagar, where he is currently based. He has covered the extended conflict in all its layers — from gun fights and mass protests to the more subtle, intimate rhythms of daily life amid chronic conflict.

She is a regular contributor for the e-zine Jadaliyya and has also written for the Huffington Post and Al-Jazeera English. She is currently collaborating with artist, Jody Servon, on Saved, an ongoing photographic and poetic exploration of the human experience of life, death, and memory. Delany-Ullman teaches composition at the University of California, Irvine. His prolific career not only includes public service but he has also authored and edited 40 books in the fields of history, politics anthropology and folklore, and has written two novels on the theme of the crisis of national identity in the Sudan.

He was one the first authors from the region to have been published internationally in English. Deng hails from the Ngok branch of the Dinka tribe, which is largest group in Sudan. His fiction, biographies and some of his anthropological work attempts to explore the intricacies of Dinka life along with the political imperative of shattering the perception of Arab-African disparity in Sudan. He is also the founder of Sol, an independent newspaper in Senegal. Back in the Congo he worked at the University of Brazzaville as a teacher and Dean of Academic Affairs until , when he was forced to leave after a bitter civil war.

Dongala, who writes in French, has published five novels, a collection of short stories and a play. She also volunteers for an organization that works for the rescue and rehabilitation of women and children who are victims of trafficking and violence. He was born , in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he got his primary and secondary education. He was enrolled for four years at the university that is now Addis Ababa College of Fine Arts and Design, studying painting, drawing, sculpture and graphics art, and majoring in painting DFA in He was a founding member of the Asmara School of Fine Arts in , the first of its kind after Eritrea's liberation, where he taught painting for one year.

He also taught visual arts in Asmara Teacher Training Institute from to Since , besides giving short art work-shops for young artists, Ermias has been teaching young artists the technique of art engraving and exhibiting regularly with 2D and 3D mediums in different techniques. He has co-produced books for Arts Education visual art, music, dance and drama for elementary and middle schools Ministry of Education, The African Roar Anthology is billed to publish his fiction later this year.

He has been a columnist with The Guardian on Sunday and contributes regularly to major Nigerian dailies and network radio commentary. He currently works in film classification and freelances as a book editor and proof reader. In , she turned freelance to pursue several personal projects, then became one of 15 young international photographers to participate in Reflexions Masterclass, a two-year photography seminar directed by renowned Italian photographer Giorgia Fiorio and French curator Gabriel Bauret.

In , she was awarded a six-month fellowship at the University of Oxford to write about freedom of expression in Egypt and the role played by Internet blogging and independent newspapers in pushing the boundaries of free speech. In , she will be taking part in the 4th edition of the Northern Lights MasterClass, an educational program for documentary photographers powered by the Noorderlicht Foundation in the Netherlands. El-Tantawy is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a dual degree in journalism and political science.

LINKS: www. He loves and plays jazz. Abdi has had an abiding love affair for the history, literature and research of Africa and the new world African. He is heavily influenced by writers of African descent from all corners of the world, and follows in the their tradition of speaking the truth to power.

Guban is the first novel in a series of novels on the Horn and specifically Somalia, from the medieval times until the present. The author self identifies as an African-American originally from Somalia. He studied Jazz theory and Performance, and has an undergraduate degree in History and English. Abdi is currently a PhD candidate at Columbia University. He is currently working on The Doorman, a novel set in Manhattan. Amor Eletrebi Amor Eletrebi is a year old poet and activist who has been participating in Egypt's revolution throughout the past year. He began writing in earnest in , shortly after his arrival in Vienna.

He financed his education there by selling newspapers and washing dishes among other jobs , and he draws upon these experiences extensively in his literary works. Alganesh Embaye Alganesh Embaye was born and raised in Eritrea. She is a mother, wife and computer analyst currently living in Canada. She is currently at work on a collection of short stories. Mohamed A. Eno has contributed chapters in academic books and journals.

Oscar Estrada Oscar Estrada is a writer, a screenwriter, and a lawyer. He studied at the International School of Cinema and Television of Habana and worked in the production of radionovelas, television programs, and social documentaries, such as El Porvenir During the coup he worked as a link to several international media outlets.

He is scheduled to complete his thesis by mid His research interests lie in the complexity of feeling in Minority identification to a hostland with a focus on the itineracy of Diaspora particularly in Jewish North African history and society. The emphasis of his PhD dissertation is on zones of North African Judeo-Arab commonality in terms of migration, language, sociality, trade and ritual.

She is a contributing editor at Jacobin magazine. His translations of poems by Afrizal Malna will be published by Lontar Foundation in He can be contacted at acsfuller gmail. She blogs at wrongingrights. Sarah Garland Sarah Garland is a much-loved author and illustrator who has published more than 40 books. She lives in Gloucestershire.

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He began working on photography in during a trip through Latin America. During the years and he developed Distances Distancias and between and he concluded Absences Brazil Ausencias Brasil inaugurated in Sao Paulo last December. Since his work on the missing victims and exiled has had more than fifty exhibitions in over twelve countries from the Americas to Europe and Asia.

Bhaswati Ghosh Bhaswati Ghosh writes and translates fiction and non-fiction. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada. Elena P. Glasberg Elena P. He was thus of an age to be a Maoist and militant in , identifications he retains to this day. Gleize has published over twenty books in France. Twitter goldfarbMSF. He serves as ranking member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. You can follow him on Twitter seansrussiablog. Born in New Delhi and educated at the Royal College of Art, he has been involved with a independent photography as a critical practice for many years.

His work has been seen in many important group shows including Paris, Bombay, Delhi He adapted Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit into a graphic novel, which was nominated for an Eisner award. Sara Hanaburgh Sara Hanaburgh is a scholar of African literatures and cinemas. She has recently completed her dissertation on the contemporary novel and film s to present from the sub-Saharan Francophone region as cultural responses to the human effects of economic globalization on the continent at the City University of New York.

Elizabeth D. Herman Elizabeth D. Herman is an independent photographer and researcher currently residing in New York, New York, having just returned from a year in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a Fulbright Fellow researching the political and social influences of narrative construction, focusing specifically on accounts of the Liberation War.

The work developed into two projects - the first an examination of how current political agendas have influenced retellings of the war in national history textbooks over time, and the second a photography and oral history project documenting the lives of women who fought in the Liberation War.

She was recently named a Finalist of The Aftermath Project for her work on the latter project.

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He is an independent journalist and documentary filmmaker. His interested in writing about communities from his own country, and on politics and topics related to culture and art. John Harold is the director of the journalism group Enfokados with whom he creates radio, television and digital works. He is also a university professor of Media, Pedagogy, Literature and Journalism. He has covered the Kurdish conflict in Turkey, Iraq and Syria. James D. Hoff James D. In Ms. Hoffbauer and Mr. Her latest collaboration with Mr. Sanchez, Milagro, premiered at Dance Theater Workshop.

Hoffbauer was invited by Yvonne Rainer to perform her solo Three Seascapes at Jacob's Pillow, since then she has been working with Rainer and her company. Hoffbauer produced Rainer's tour to Sao Paulo in That piece was also chosen to be part of the La MaMa Moves!

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Festival in May of He presently lives on the west coast of North America. He started his career as a writer for some of the leading Somalia newspapers after the end of the authoritative rule of Siad Barre.

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He briefly worked as publisher and editor of Muuqaal, a periodical and at various radio stations inside and outside Somalia, covering the news of the largest Somali reconciliation conference held in Kenya. His column regularly appears on Hiiraan Online and Mogadishu Times. He is a currently working on his post-graduate studies at the faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of London Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.

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  2. Native Americans, Part 2 Unit Study?
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  4. Chapter Two. Hitomaro In Heian Texts: A Sage Of Poetry in: Hitomaro: Poet as God;
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  6. Author of numerous articles and studies on Somali conflict, politics, history and gender issues, he is working on a book about the state of Somali society. She specializes in contemporary global Anglophone literatures and critical theory. He has worked at the Jakarta Globe for nearly a year as a copy editor and part-time reporter. He carved out a beat covering a dramatic struggle for control of Jakarta's piped water system, an ongoing saga involving city officials, foreign companies, dogged activists and a contentious privatization arrangement.

    In September he plans to relocate to Yogyakarta, gain a proficiency in the local language and set about freelancing. Neelika Jayawardane M. She teaches transnational memoirs and fiction connected to the immigrant and postcolonial experience, including contemporary Southern African and South Asian work. Her most recent publications include a review of critical texts on South African literature for the Journal of Commonwealth Literature and an essay on apartheid-era photography exhibit at the International Center for Photography in Manhattan for Art South Africa.

    She is a regular contributor to the online magazine Africa is a Country, and has been a regular visiting fellow at the Centre for African Studies in the University of Cape Town. A poet, novelist, and journalist, he wrote for the Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje and served as the Sarajevo correspondent for Dalmatian Weekly. His first book of poetry, Warsaw Observatory , won two prestigious awards in His work has been published throughout Europe.

    Currently based in the UK, she has taught English and creative writing. In he left Iraq and fled to Kuwait and later to Yemen through the desert in a journey that took seven days. Once in Yemen he became editor of the New Yemeni Culture magazine. He now lives in London with his two children. He has published several collections of poems: the bags, , tapping on the doors of childhood , , Epitaph , , Bicagy's rose , Promenade of sadness, , Sarabad, , ticking unreachable from light Rola Khayyat Rola Khayyat is a Lebanese artist and curator. His mother is East African Indian and his father is Norwegian.

    He has lectured and written extensively both as a scholar, journalist and author of poetry and fiction. He currently lives in Oslo with his husband, Andrew. He also teaches 19th and 20th century global literature and poetry at the Comparative Literature department of Queens College. She was a presidential correspondent from the Soeharto administration through that of Abdurrahman Wahid.

    She lives outside Indonesia, unable to return due to ongoing death threats. Her research examines the social construction of bodies, embodied resistance, and body modification practices.

    Prose Poetry - Recommendations & TBR

    Her research focuses on African identity formation and representation. Follow her on Twitter genetparadise. When he isn't teaching and writing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and his daughter. Sarah Lippek Sarah Lippek is an American writer, researcher, organizer, and generalist. She worked extensively with homeless young people in her hometown, Seattle, before moving to New York and becoming the inaugural director of the first needle exchange in the borough of Queens. Her work there includes co-founding the Northwest chapter of the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project, an international organization providing comprehensive legal services to refugees seeking resettlement.

    He graduated as a medical doctor from University of Juba in and worked as a physician in Darfur before specializing in public health in Germany in His interest in writing began at a young age and he contributed to the local school news board. However, the pressures of medical practice kept him out of the literary scene for many years, until he moved to online publishing.

    Edward lives and works in Juba. David L. He has lived in Uganda and Kenya for about fifteen years, mostly during the second civil war period , when South Sudan was Southern Sudan and part of the Sudan. He developed interest in writing during his teens; was formally introduced to creative writing at a Writing Seminar organized by the British Council, Khartoum Sudan in ; and won a third place prize for a short story at a writing competition held at the same cultural institution in the same year. He has since published short fiction with the BBC Focus on Africa magazine in and has from to date been a contributor with the online Cook Communication magazine, AuthorMe.

    Other publications are on Author Africa , sudaneseink. Currently, he is based in Juba, South Sudan. After being awarded a PhD for her thesis in political theory, she worked as a research fellow to develop ideas on political responsibility and climate change. Her other research interests include political identification, politics and psychoanalysis, cohesion and citizenship, and embodied political protest. She's also an adjunct professor at Pace University.

    Douglas C. MacLeod, Jr. He also has written essays and film reviews for C. He is a contributing editor at Guernica Magazine and has recently begun a new life in crime fiction as Parker Bilal — The Golden Scales was published by Bloomsbury in Maloney studied at The American School in Switzerland. Each of us on a solo trip of experiences, whereby we are exposed one degree or another through interactions by necessity with family, friends and acquaintances.

    We learn to set aside inquisitiveness and pick up the first pebbles of our complacency. Encouraged, we readily begin to fill our bag of conformity with the stones and rocks of self, as our psyche is further molded. A portion of our mortal existence is focused on the possibilities of life in the margins, and if not within the function of reality, certainly unbound by the scope of thought filled extrapolation.

    Sometimes called day dreaming, this mental inertia is the time spent outside the borders and parameters that drives tradition crazy and confounds conventional wisdom. Everyone has a story to tell. Too often however, our children dismiss themselves and their value as individuals for an iconic emulation of the latest or most outrageous pop culture idolatry.

    This is not a new phenomenon; it is the way of our world. How we express it has changed.

    Table of contents

    Their words lived on, after they were gone. When this Line of Demarcation becomes self evident, we are faced with our mortality, morality and soul filling humanity. How we respond in that moment of decision determines not only who we are, but who we will become in the next moment and in all those to follow. Issues and events become the tenor of our lives. Most are told and retold to friends, then to acquaintances and eventually to anyone who will listen. These intimate late night lamentations between friends often hold the greatest amount of truth and pain.

    With the first telling, the raw emotions of the experience and the people involved are exposed without the machinations of embellishment or feigned pity. It is from this initial spark of conversation the story takes on its ability to grow in many different directions, infused with a myriad of festering thoughts and feelings.

    Many are taking place as parking lot confessions. By watering those that have been planted in our soul, spirit, mind and body we each blossom to become who we are. The evolution of our post modern social experiment continues to be driven by imitation, in lieu of Avant garde origination. The side effects of our current tunnel vision will pay big dividends in our further demise as a society and people.

    Coupled with the future pain we can expect by dressing our festering wounds with Saccharin and Plastic Band Aids, the ills of our cultural hemorrhage will only become more exacerbated. Never before, have so many depended so heavily upon innuendo, double entendre and verbal camouflage to express, then secondarily to cover up their audacious lies. The only aspect more repugnant than these preposterous acts of repetitious weaving is the speaker who begins to imagine his or her own vacuous fabrications piqued enough to be veracious.

    Thus guiding the emphasis and direction from one pivotal position to a different point altogether. Home Contact Us. Special Occasion Cards Inspirational Mats. Some strike a chord, others may touch a nerve, but each is identifiable in its telling. Each selection is a complete story presented in varing lengths, tones and viewpoints. Each piece invites introspection through brief and concise content, yet themes are well known by the reader's own life experiences. These stories are purposed in a process of "Looking Out - Seeing In" revealing aspects of life events we all share or experience at one time or another.

    If you want to read authors who write "all about me", read your mother's magazines. Should you buy my books and eBooks? Read free previews by using Amazon's 'Kindle Edition' links. Expectation, or illusion? Trust, or illusion? We enter and leave alone. Enjoy the garden.