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It teaches us that we can manifest from both our positive and negative thoughts. Through believing that your thoughts create your reality, a perspective shift known as the Art of Letting Go goes hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction. Letting go is the first sign of trust; knowing you will receive what you desire and that you are worthy and deserving of it. Before you move on to the affirmations, let me help you further grasp this concept. Here is a lesson taught by Abraham Hicks, which involves a pencil.

Take any ordinary pencil, with no particular special features, and hold it in your hand. Imagine this pencil contains a memory that is truly painful. Maybe you went through a divorce, or you were abused. You know this memory has been a bane of your existence since it first happened to you, and you know that you would like to not remember it anymore. You can do that and you will. A breakup is an emotional and physical withdrawal — it takes time.

You are adjusting to a different kind of normal, but this is difficult because it sounds as though you are still hanging on so tightly to the old one. I really understand that, but there is love and happiness waiting to find you when you are able to be open to it. I got slightly intimate with my past partner and even by following these steps I still feel attached. I got over my last exes easy and we are still great friends…so why is this any different? Breaking up with someone activates the same part of the brain that deals with withdrawal from any addiction.

The best way to move on from any relationship is to have a period of no contact so you can help yourself to mentally, physically and emotionally withdraw from that person. That is very interesting Karen and explains a lot to me. I split from a sibling a few years ago with no contact and then had contact and there was definitely a feeling of almost euphoria.

But this did not last long and the old unresolved issues resurfaced. What stops me every single time is the vulnerability of it all…and honestly some of my own gaslighting. I feel crazy for knowing I need to end relationships with so many close relatives…my mom, my inlaws, etc. But my brain has a hard time justifying the release of people so close.

Yes I completely understand how hard it is to let go of people close to you. The key is how you feel in these relationships. If you have stood back and opened your heart and your mind to anything you might be doing that is contributing to the problem, and have made an effort to be the best you can be in these relationships, then that is all you can do.

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If these relationships still diminish you, then that is what you need to take notice of. All important relationships wire themselves into us in some way, and letting go will always be difficult, but this will pass eventually. Listen to your gut and your own intuition on this.

It then got very dark. But that was the point where I had to trust my loved ones and therapist that it is OK to grieve and founder and doubt and scream but not to have to do anything about it. Then I was free. Overall I am very happy in myself and with my ex. Our son is happy. It was, simply said, the right thing to do, despite the pain. Hi this is such an incredible article.. Just what I neeeed to move on. I printed it out and will read daily so I can move with focus and to a new pure direction.

I hope it continues to give you the strength and clarity you need to keep moving forward. My partner for 15 years told me, literally out of the blue, that he had fallen in love with another woman. He was the love of my life, I would have never expected that. He left the house that same day that was easy because our relationship was mostly long-distance, so we had kept our respective apartments. Day have been the worst of my life no sleep, no food, feeling cold and trembling all day. Today I have discovered your blog, and these articles are the first thing that makes me feel better.

Now I know that I am going through a sort of illness, and my body is recovering from an addiction; but I know I will be stronger at the end. Breakups are awful and the way yours happened is such a painful thing for anyone to go through. You will get through this and when you will heal — stronger for the breaks. I can surely relate to this article. I am going through that right now. We broke up in In , he apologized then went right back to treating me as if he does not know me. Yes, the pain and hurt took me down for almost 2.

He made it so hard for me at work. I cried seemed like every hour, every day and so forth. I thought his apology was sincere but in reality it was not. He has moved on with his life and dated some of my friends. It took a lot of prayer and going before God. I have truly forgiven myself and him.

I am not mad at him. He is who he is. I am still his friend but hey. I am so much better. I guess what I wanted was an understanding of WHY he treats me so mean. I will never know that. I have read this article and I see myself all in it. I am working on self and looking forward to new things. Can you provide some clarity? These people can change, but only when they are ready. There are much better things for you ahead.

I think I am the only male in these comments. Two steps forward and one step back. Just make sure you keep moving forward. Best wishes to you. She has tried to persuade them for years but they issued her an ultimatum and told me she had to let me go. We met a few times after that, to hang out and though she still lets me hold her hands, she is blowing hot and cold at me, and has told me to move on.

I am day 12 after the break up of my 11 year relationship. My gf told me she has feelings for someone we work with and wants to see where that goes. She told me on Monday 18th that she realised I was right. Anyway, I am hurting badly. I have done a lot of soul searching and reading and learning about the path of our relationship and understand now that neither of us were particularly happy, more comfortable with our companionship. We had exciting life plans that I am grieving for. II have been trying to keep my behaviour acceptable to her no texts other than practicalities because I desperately want to stay friends.

But I realised reading this article that I am holding on where she is not. How she can move on so quickly after 11 years is beyond me, but she is. I have realised that she is not the person I fell in love with, her morals are no longer the same and she is not the reliable trustworthy person she always was. So I am going to try and let go. It is hard because our life was so perfect, after so many hard years. I am resentful that she has got away scot-free and there have been no repercussions or consequences for her emotional cheating, and that I have lost everything.

But it is what it is.

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I can hear the pain you are going through. The fantasy often keeps relationships breathing when the paths of the couple moved in different directions some time ago. That she has moved on is no reflection of the love she had for you, or perhaps still has. What it reflects is that, as you said, she is a different person now. Be gentle with yourself as you let go. You will get through this. In time the pain will ease and things will be clearer. It feels as though you have lost everything, I understand that. This experience will be preparing you for the happier version of your life that will find you when you move through the middle of this.

You have a brave beautiful heart — you deserve a brave, beautiful love. Thank you so much, your article has been so helpful to me.

The Secret of Letting Go

Keep moving forward. Happiness will come — this is just one phase of your life. There are plenty more to come. Love and healing to you. This is my home, I owned it before I met him, and yes he has made improvements, but it is still mine. Then I can legally enforce it, and I fully plan on doing just that.

Now all I have to do is survive one more month of him living in the shop. I can do this and I will. Please help! Your article on Letting go is to the point and sounds like the right way to go if warranted. The contents and pathway are so terrifying and scary as hell to me. Having said that, I did breakup a couple of weeks ago with my GF of 19 years. In addition, my GF seemed to bond excessively with her 33 unwed daughter who has a 4 year old child.

I am not jealous but I really felt like I was marginalized in the relationship. Should there be boundaries? We did have a good relationship up to about 4 years ago, that was before her daughter moved in. I tried to explain my discomfort regarding the LDR and was not given a heartfelt response that made me feel comfortable or sooth my insecurities due to loneliness.

She basically downplayed my concerns. Eleven months into the LDR I broke up with her. Two days after I broke up, I panicked, got scared, lonely, more depressed and retracted the breakup. We talked a couple of days later and things seemed to be fine between us. Then she stopped calling me. I told her that I miss our intimacy. I felt it. Because for me of feels like i am not important anymore. A couple of times i Warned her that if you think that i likes too much i wil leave.

She changed her attitude and apologize. But this i can not take. The message i sent her was to greed her. She never worked at a place to pay her bills. But her dream is to have her own business. She gets money of men buy as King them.

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I helped buy a couple of stuff for the event. I am not mad over it. What i think she uses people to do things for her. Does not want to things her Self. I always showed her how to do certain things, but she does not want.

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I always had do it for her. Now i am not good enough anymore. I did not text her back because i have helped with a lot of things, i do not deserve to be texted back when you feel like it. What happened to me will never happen again. I told her. Hello Betrouw, I would give her space and give yourself time away from her. I would not quit your job either. That is important for your life. She seems to be controlling and you have to do the best for you. Stay focused and I would not talk to her for about 30 days.

Thank you for this article. I am just at the beginning of the letting go process and it hurts so bad. I am almost in physical pain but I know that there is no other way out for me. I am trying to let go to a relationship that is not going anywhere. I have been his support, his friend, his lover, but now he is pulling away and all get is breadcrumbs.

I know I should not settle for less than I deserve, I know that I need more from him but I will not get it. Especially that I have been so honest and open in this relationship and he knows me well. I have decided to let go because at this moment I see he is trying to protect himself, by pulling away and pushing me away.

Because lately I got nothing. So, I must learn to focus again on me and my needs. It is a lesson I need to learn again. Frankly, I am damn scared. But willing to succeed. Helle Mete, Thanks for your comment.

How do I let go of someone I love and move on? 5 Life Changing Steps!

I know right now is difficult but this is a vital time for your growth. Feeling the pain and working through this will help you and you will feel comfortable as the days continue. I let go of an unhealthy relationship. I knew better, but ignored everything, as he was familiar and comfortable. I knew I would wind up probably getting hurt. Hello Margie, So beautiful! So true as well! Not a lot of people have this clarity. You are well on your way to find love. Just remember to continue to put yourself first and value who you are every day.

You got this! Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Submit Comment. Learning to let go is a step by step process The first step in letting go is to understand that everything that you have been through is in your hands to acknowledge and take responsibility for. How do I let go of someone who hurt me?

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