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It takes visitors back in time when neighbors gathered to accomplish work, harvest, and spend time socializing and enjoying each others company. It calls not only for the exhibition of the best products that have been grown and the best needlework that has been done in the community, but also for games, athletic contests and similar features of recreational or educational value. Experience old-fashioned fun as it was a century ago with wagon rides, games and live entertainment. See craft demonstrations that will inspire you to start a new hobby or career. Enter one of many competitions ranging from needlework to baked goods to homegrown vegetables.

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Each person entering in a competition will have a chance to win a prize ribbon. The Birthplace Association is excited to put a shovel in the ground to start the construction of the new Visitor Center, which will be followed by a play titled, "The President Cleveland Story. Jensyn Modero. Please RSVP to ataxe aol. For more information, call or visit www. The book boasts more than vintage images of this New Jersey area. This area was originally home to the Lenape tribe. The rich, fertile soil of the south branch of the Raritan River gave them opportunity for successful agricultural endeavors, the main source of livelihood for many generations.

Small villages grew to have their own stores, churches, schools, gristmills, and post offices. The introduction of the Jersey Central Railroad in helped the quarry and iron ore mine industries flourish. Schooley's Mountain was a major resort due to the mineral springs, with visitors such as Ulysses S. Grant and Thomas Edison. In , Schooley's Mountain County Park was opened to provide recreational opportunities to the community.

Washington Township, Morris County showcases the rich agricultural, industrial, and recreational history of this New Jersey Skylands community. America's president Franklin Delano Roosevelt must rally a nation demoralized by poverty, hunger, housing shortages, and labor disputes escalating to riots. Unable to walk without crutches, FDR was able through the sheer power of his personality, his political skill, and his eloquent Fireside Chat rhetoric to lead America from fear to federal programs that eventually broke through the economic crisis of the Great Depression.

Hartley leaves his audience with a final speech from FDR, in profile seated in a car with his signature cigarette holder, describing what he envisions for America. We are left to wonder whether FDR, the most powerful man alive at the time, abused the power a grateful nation had placed with him.

Or whether he was the right person at the right time to do what needed to be done. This first-person program is free and open to the public. Please call to reserve a spot. That is the second quarter 3 miles of the Victory Trail - a colonial history walking tour with stops at sites or markers along the way. Members will complete the Trail on two subsequent Sundays. The hikers will approximate the route from Elizabethtown, New Jersey, that was followed by British forces who were determined to attack George Washington and his men in Morristown, during the American Revolution.

The Trail commemorates the successes of local militia and the Continental Army in preventing the Redcoats and Hessians from reaching their goal with such victories as the Battle of Connecticut Farms now Union and the Battle of Springfield. Non-members are invited to participate. For more information, please call the Union Township Historical Society headquarters at Among Harding's many accomplishments were the creation of the Bureau of the Budget, a successful Naval Disarmament Conference, an early stand on the civil rights issue, and a national recognition of the need to improve working conditions for the average American.

Unfortunately, it is the Teapot Dome and Veterans Administration scandals that marked the Harding administration and are most remembered long after his early and untimely death in the third year of his term. Children 16 and younger, free. Free admission. Children welcome when accompanied by an adult. Martin, a Westwood resident, owns his own architectural firm in the borough.

Martin will touch on the many factors that led local builders present to design and build certain architectural types of homes, including why certain materials were used. He will talk about indoor and outdoor plumbing, ice boxes, transportation access, fire safety, gas introduction, electric lighting, and building and zoning codes through the years. Learn how the unusual topography of the Pascack Valley affected the design and construction of our homes. A question and answer period will follow the talk. Visitors are encouraged to bring photos of their homes to share with the audience.

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Complimentary coffee and cake will be served. Each tour will feature one section and include recently uncovered cemetery history, colorful stories of the many interesting and sometimes influential people buried here, and discussions of the different styles and eras of monuments in each section. The tours will all take place on Sundays: September 29th and October 27th, from - pm. Rain date will be on the following Sunday in each case Oct. All will start at the burial "chapel," central to the cemetery, and only yards from the Broad Street Presbyterian Church, an historic structure maintained in virtually pristine original condition since the s.

The historical society will hold the two-hour bus tour on Sunday beginning at pm. Cornelius Larison, educator and proponent of the late 19th-century simplified spelling movement. To reserve a spot, e-mail Jim Davidson at jdavid aol. Rain date is October 6, Please visit www.

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Later in life, he became a physician at the Jersey City Medical Center. Harold was the fourth of ten children; eight brothers and one sister, all from Plainfield, New Jersey. He and Ruth were married on January 8, at St. Mark's Church in Malone, New York. In the census, Dr. Pittis was living on Union Ave. Harold Pittis was not only the town physician, but also Lakehurst's first postmaster, beginning in November He was reappointed twice and served until August 16, He financed the construction of the first post office. The museum is open Wednesdays and Sundays from noon - pm. What about all those other buildings on the property?

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What were they used for? If you have ever been curious about the estate at Ringwood Manor, this tour is for you! Historic photographs of the property will also be shown. Jul 3, - Jul 7, Duration: 1 day Tickets. Book Now. Check in. Check out. Ghosts And Gravestones Tour description When the sun goes down in Boston, the ghosts and ghouls come out! Quick Search. Subscribe to our newsletter. The matching policy, ensures that you always get the best price when you book with WISE.

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Vizima cemetery

Your email. Your phone number. Please fill in all the required fields. Create new password. The first man buried in the cemetery was named Abraham Kay, who died after being suddenly stricken with a lung infection.

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He was buried on March 20, However, the most often story told of the first person buried was a man hanged for murder. Making for a far more interesting tale, it has become the more preferred version. The second man buried at the cemetery was a Hungarian immigrant named John Stoefel. Having arrived in Denver to allegedly settle a dispute with his brother-in-law, he ended up shooting the man on April 7, On April 9, he was hanged from a cottonwood tree at the intersection of 10th and Cherry Creek Streets.

Though Denver consisted of only buildings at the time, about 1, spectators attended the Stoefel hanging. After receiving these many nicknames, the cemetery never gained the respect that Larimer intended for it to have. When Larimer eventually left Denver, Mt. Prospect was claimed by a cabinet-maker named John Walley, who also just happened to be an aspiring undertaker.

A report in stated that persons were buried in the cemetery. Walley did an extremely bad job of keeping up the cemetery which soon fell into a terrible state of disrepair as headstones were toppled, graves were vandalized and sometimes, even cattle were allowed to graze upon the land.

Some legends even tell of homesteaders who began to live upon the land. In , the U. Government determined that the property upon which the cemetery sat was federal land, having been deeded to the government in an by a treaty with the Arapaho Indians. While some of this sections were well kept up by family descendants or their organizations, others were terribly neglected.

In , twenty acres at the north part of the cemetery were sold to the Hebrew Burial Society, who then maintained it, while much of the rest of the graveyard grew tall with weeds. Real estate developers soon began to lobby for a park rather than an unused cemetery.